Gale Gal

Nhan-Fiction Note: I wrote this in terms of opinions of how this character plays on Summoner’s Rift.

Something in the Air
Janna, the Storm’s Fury, is one of the most popular support champions in “League of Legends.”

Though I wouldn’t count Janna as part of my Fantastic 15, I consider Janna to be an extremely powerful character in the game. When I can, I utilize her versatile skill-set to my advantage. Played properly, Janna can help your team blow away the competition with her wind magic.

The fact is, Janna is basically always good and fits into a ton of team strategies. In addition, she is a very disruptive force for your foes because her assortment of offensive and defensive spells greatly hinder your opponents.

When in doubt for the support role, you cannot go wrong with Janna.

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The Message from the Sky and You

English Translation
I wonder what this world looks like to you
What are you going to find on the sea?

With fumbling hands, little by little
You try to find out where the wind blows
You move ahead by your own efforts

So I’m sure the day will come
It just pains me a little
That your sky is too bright for me
But I’m so happy, so happy to see you try your best
That’s why I decided I’ve got to change myself as well

Let me tell you everything’s all right, forever and ever
I’m by your side watching
And on this day so reminiscent of you
I’ll be seeing you

Days of DASH

English Translation
Watching the days go past makes me feel so empty
I need to leave a mark
I’m here, I exist, my soul is screaming
I’m dreaming

Wandering this wide world, I held back my tears
I didn’t know what to do
Taking the long way to my dreams
Looking up to the sky and not saying anything
I kept thinking about why my heart always hurt so much


Running against the wind
I wonder what started between us when we were always running back then
I don’t know what it was, but the sun is shining above us now

Let’s run forever down the road it shows us
Even I don’t know
If it goes on forever


I’ve been experimenting with the Psycho Gusto (PsyGusto) deck strategy in Yu-Gi-Oh! It’s a deck recipe that entails using mainly Psychic monsters, which are a class of cards that often rely on powerful effects at a cost. The Gusto cards in particular are an interesting deck archetype by themselves. They are Wind-Attribute cards with an emphasis toward defensive play. When combining the Gustos with other Psychic cards, the PsyGusto deck can pull some pretty neat shenanigans.

Below is the current deck recipe I have used for a while. This is strictly for casual play, which is why there is no Side Deck. A children’s card game is serious business. Continue reading