Everyday NhanSense – Day 93

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Everyday NhanSense: Each day, I will blog about something that comes to mind. My goal is to practice writing about my hobbies, my interests, my opinions and so forth.

Day 93’s Topic: Perspective.
It’s been a chill Sunday. I was hoping to explore the town for my day off, but Mother Nature had different plans.


But it’s cool. It goes to show that I still need things like a car to travel practically in this weather, yet I am fine with lazy days just taking it easy while indoors.

Heck, from a perspective standpoint, things are just fine and dandy.

I have my health.

I have a job.

I have food to eat.

This, collectively, is a lot better than what it was a few months ago.

For instance, food is something we all take for granted. Meals are things you need to eat to keep fueling your body, but what happens when you have limited money for said food?

To give you an idea what I mean, this is what I bought for lunch today because I could. Continue reading

Winter Woes

I really hate the snow. Things were so pleasant this winter because I did not have to deal with the cold, white stuff on a continued basis … but now it’s like Mother Nature’s way of saying, “Did you think I would forget?”

Ugh, now that the snow is here, I am hoping the weather ends up being reasonable. I have to drive up and down a really HUGE HILL to reach my part-time job. I am not looking forward to dealing with this in possible blizzards and while trying to traverse icy roads. >.>