So the e-painting above was done by Tania Mae. I am truly grateful for individuals like her who go out of their way to complete projects like this, and out of the kindness of their hearts as well. Honestly, who can say they have had an e-painting done for them before?

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Stat Cat

So I was given my 2011 blog stats, and I gotta say that the numbers are pretty good if you consider some key elements.

These include:

– I did not start blogging at the beginning of 2011. In fact, my first blogs began in May.
– Truthfully, I was on the reluctant side when I began blogging. I needed an outlet for what I was feeling, but I was not completely ready to share said feelings with everyone. This is why I did not openly publicize my blog posts for a long time.
– Content-wise, I did not really get into the groove of things until some big things happened in my life.

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Fun fact – the Twitter “T” looks like the Japanese katakana character called “hi” (pronounced like ‘he’).

This is, of course, just a coincidence with the font chosen for the Twitter “T,” but it is nonetheless interesting to point out. Back in high school, I was taught how to remember the katakana “hi” with the memory trick – “hi” sits. I don’t think I need to explain why “hi” is sitting.