Yume no Tsuzuki

English Translation
The clear sky shines so blue
I can hear your footsteps coming closer
Almost like the shining wind pushed me there
That’s when I met you

Each of our dreams
Each of our futures
We ran because we couldn’t wait

Before I knew it, you were always there with me
More than anyone
Worrying, falling, crying, laughing
And running faster

I want to reach you
Fly through the sky
Holding tight to my honest feelings

I know this newfound strength will be part of my soul
These feelings will become my wings
I’ll grow to be more like myself

Prime Number

English Translation
All these emotions building up inside of me
I couldn’t get over any of them
So I can’t sleep

That pain I felt when it suddenly started to rain disappeared for a moment
I’m trying to understand a little bit of your world

Your reality and what I can see
Even if they’re a little different
I won’t let it end up like that old, beat-up T-shirt, so …

Fly into the world of prime numbers
You won’t get any duplicates when you multiply one
You don’t need to fill the holes in your heart
If you don’t really want to

More than leaving my memory behind in everyone in the world’s hearts
I want to be the sky you see from on top of the roof

Days of DASH

English Translation
Watching the days go past makes me feel so empty
I need to leave a mark
I’m here, I exist, my soul is screaming
I’m dreaming

Wandering this wide world, I held back my tears
I didn’t know what to do
Taking the long way to my dreams
Looking up to the sky and not saying anything
I kept thinking about why my heart always hurt so much


Running against the wind
I wonder what started between us when we were always running back then
I don’t know what it was, but the sun is shining above us now

Let’s run forever down the road it shows us
Even I don’t know
If it goes on forever

You Have Brought the Dream

This is actually one of my favorite shows this anime season.

Anime: (さくら荘のペットな彼女) Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo (Translation: Sakurasou’s Pet Girlfriend)

Song: (君が夢を連れてきた) Kimi ga Yume wo Tsuretekita (Translation: You Have Brought the Dream)

English Translation
If they meet once, it might be chance
If they meet twice, maybe it’s not
But it just can’t be coincidence if their eyes meet a third time

“You’re a weird kind of person”
That’s what everyone seems to say
But that’s not why I want to know more about you
It’s something else

I think you’re just innocent, and you’ll always be innocent
That’s why you’re always trying to be more than normal

The words that brought me a dream aren’t enough
To say where we can find the dream
I’m sure that this is how everything starts
A whole new exciting world for us

The words that brought me a dream
Let’s pretend that we don’t know what they mean
Where we can find excitement and the dream

Japanese Lyrics
1回め まぐれで
2回め ってどうだろう
偶然じゃないよね? 3回 目が合うのは

変わったひとだと 割りとみんな言うけど

君はたぶん純粋で 純粋を曲げず


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