A Thrilling Hunt

The Huntress is one my favorite, female superheroes. When DC Comics began releasing issues for a special miniseries a few months back (as part of The New 52 era), I of course had to start collecting these books. It is a shame this particular series is only confined to six issues total! 

The plot revolves around Helena Bertinelli, AKA the Huntress, traveling to Naples, Italy, to deal with human trafficking and gun-smuggling activity. One by one, the Huntress must take down the crime lords responsible for these heinous acts by utilizing her many talents.

The Huntress graces the pages with her beauty, her alluring charm, her craftiness and a brutal, yet elegant style of crime-fighting. I am a sucker for gadgets, and Huntress packs her own Batman-esque arsenal of tools to get the job done. Needless to say, when the Huntress has her crossbow pointed toward your general direction, you know she means business!

This six-issue miniseries is a straightforward read from start to finish. The books stick to a simple structure for the storytelling, which was very refreshing in many ways. I appreciated that the plot focused on the essential elements to keep the pacing perfect. The adventure never feels bogged down by anything superfluous.

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