Pham Fact: An Easy Way to Curry My Favor

I always bring up the hypothetical game show where the key to winning is knowing something about a given person. If people on a game show were asked to answer something about me, well, there would be a lot of random and obscure facts one would need to know. 😛

Let’s start with a simple one – “What is one of Nhan Pham’s favorite, female superheroes?”

A correct answer would be …

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Mind & Body

Lately, I’ve been feeling disconnected as far as mind and body goes. What I mean is, I feel like I am not running on all cylinders properly.

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Powerful Persistence

I have learned that one needs to persist, persist and persist if results want to be achieved. Being lazy about pursuing a given goal is not how you want to get things done. Ever.

God Knows

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