With Courage

Random Kanji Knowledge: Shinka

Well, I finally took the plunge to change up my blog’s theme from the Redoable Lite I ran for more than a year (coincidentally, that was the blog theme my class group had for a blog project back in journalism school, but this is another story). I did not even realize that this blog theme was called “The Journalist v1.9” until I just went ahead with the change.

I like this theme’s clean look that is brighter and more open, making it a huge contrast to the somewhat dimmer theme I had before. And merely by chance, I also like how the cougar cartoon looks like it is saying something because of the site’s tagline.

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The Next Chapter

Last May, I started this blog. I did not really want to do it, but Rikki kept houndin’ me to blog. I am very thankful that she did.

This blog started off as me being slightly embarrassed and reluctant to share my thoughts about my circumstances, though bits and pieces of what I wanted to call “resolve” motivated me to keep writing. Simply put, I was quite messed up in a lot of ways, particularly with how I saw the world at the time. Those were dark days where only glimmers of hope kept me going.

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