A Prime Example

So today at my part-time job where I work at a Chinese restaurant, I ended up staying 20 minutes past the time I was supposed to clock out from, which was 4 p.m. Despite working for those 20 minutes, I opted instead to write 4 p.m. on the clock-in sheet. Essentially, I cheated myself out of 20 minutes where I did in fact do what needed to be done, so what is the big deal here?

In a way, I sort of “punished” myself for not being faster. I pride myself on speed when it comes to the food service industry. I obsessed over being quick when I worked at the dining center back in college, and I still make a fuss over it now.

For me, being fast means I am being productive. I do not want to dilly-dally when I know I can be blaze through something. I do not even bother taking my small, mandatory breaks required by law because they slow me down. Continue reading

The Ongoing Journey

So today in my e-mail box, I get a message about┬áLinkedIn Alumni. It was about my fellow graduating class from Washington State University and what they are up to. Needless to say, it was kind of a slap in the face and a stark reminder that my current situation in life is not as thrilling as my fellow alumni … yet. Continue reading