MOBA Monday: Fantastic 15 (Season Four)


MOBA Monday: MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) is my favorite kind of gaming genre in the world.

The fourth season is basically underway for League of Legends, so I felt it was about time I updated my Fantastic 15.

The same concept still applies: I pick three champs for each given role. Each champ is someone I count as a “main” of mine. As in, if I were to pick any of these champs in any match, I would expect myself to be competent with them. Continue reading


The Play-setter and Playmaker

In “League of Legends,” I am a firm believer in two types of specific players you want to have as teammates: the play-setter and playmaker.

The play-setter is basically someone who complements good plays. They are the ones who create situations where someone else on your team can take advantage of for a bigger result. A play-setter, to me, is often a support-focused player, but the play-setter can be found in any role.

For instance, it could be the Janna who uses her Eye of the Storm on her ally to give them enough of a damage boost to secure a kill.

Basically, play-setters make their teammates look better in-game. They often are not found in the limelight because the ones getting all the glory draw the attention.

On the other hand, the playmaker is obviously someone who can pull off the fancy, highlight reel-worthy kind of actions. These are the types of players who leave you in awe when they do something cool and interesting.

More often than not, these types of players can carry games on their shoulders when given the right supporting cast. Playmakers can be found in any role, but the roles with the largest impact are where they can thrive in the most.

The important aspect between these two player types? Well, for one thing, both are not mutually exclusive to each other. Continue reading


Nidalee has always been my favorite champion in “League of Legends” since I began playing the game two years ago. She was the first champion I saved up my first batch of Influence Points to unlock. I was very excited to play Nidalee because her signature ability involves transforming into a cougar, which is my favorite kind of cat in the world. Two words: PUMA POWER!

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