Purr-fect Part 6

A very special thank you to Devin for drawing Nhan Cat Kiya – a play on words of sorts for Nyan Cat. She wanted to draw me Kiya again to help cheer me up, which this drawing definitely put a smile on my face. I think Kiya came out very cute. I especially love the ball of yarn in the corner. A very nice touch.

I am very grateful that destiny has allowed me to meet awesome people like Devin in these past few years. Though times can be really tough, it’s great to know I have people who are willing to help me out, not just for these random projects of mine, but to remind me that I am never alone. When my friends like Devin believe in me, I can have more confidence in myself that I am on the right track toward “recovery.”

Kiya, the Fervor of the Sands. A very elaborate, custom champion for “League of Legends.” And there are more elements to come. Please show your support by commenting and voting on Kiya’s LoL Wiki page.

Are you feline fine? >^..^<


【Devin】Rainbow Factory .:Cover:.

Yay! A new cover from me. How exciting! Well not really. The voice acting in this is better than the singing, but it’s still pretty cool. I had fun doing it. ^^ Hope you like it.~


The Impersonal Aspect … Or One Would Think

I definitely have more internet friends than real-life friends, at least at this point in my life.

Internet friends have always been easy for me to make. Through mediums such as online gaming, it is a cinch to make the acquaintance of someone far, far away from me and then become good buddies as if we had known each other for years.

Conversely, real-life friends are more difficult for me to get used to. I am naturally shy and socially awkward, I may or may not have social disorders and I am very reluctant to come out of my shell around people in general. These factors, among other things, contribute to why I do not make real-life friends as easily.

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