Daily NhanSense – Day 8

Daily NhanSense: Every day, I will blog about something that comes to mind. My goal is to practice writing about my hobbies, my interests, my opinions and so forth.

Day 8’s Topic: Card games.

I love card games. For about a year and a half or so, I have been playing a lot of Magic: The Gathering.

It’s the world’s most popular card game for a reason, as numerous players across the globe play Magic.

As of last week, Magic’s Standard format has since rotated to make room for the new Khans of Tarkir set. Basically, each Standard block restricts the type of cards you can use for an extended period of time.

You may only use certain sets of cards allowed for this time period for the decks you build to compete in tournaments. It may sound strange, but it’s a means of letting cards get their time to shine while hopefully mixing up the format for each Standard rotation.

Of course, this newest Standard rotation meant I had to retire the deck I was using for so long, which was my Green White Hexproof deck.

I am a bit saddened at this fact because I really did enjoy this deck. It won me A LOT of cards as prizes, placing well or winning first at my local tournaments on many nights.

But alas, every good thing has to come to an end at some point. At the very least, I can still play a Modern version of this, so not all is lost.

Below is the deck build I used. Continue reading


Card Me: Plummet

Card Me: A favorite hobby of mine is playing card games. There is just something really remarkable about how laying cardboard onto a table can bring people together for lots of fun/frustration. As a naturally shy person in real life, I enjoy how card games can bring me out of my shell for quite the social activity.
Finding “counters” in Magic: The Gathering is crucial for making a good mainboard and sideboard for your deck.

And oftentimes, even a simple card does wonders.

Plummet is one of my favorite sideboard cards when I need to adjust for specific matchups. My green deck has an inherent weakness against creatures that fly, but throwing in a few Plummet cards for the second/third match can drastically alter the final outcome.

Card Name: Plummet
Mana Cost: 1Green
Converted Mana Cost: 2
Types: Instant
Card Text: Destroy target creature with flying.
Flavor Text: “Let nothing own the skies but the wind.”—Dejara, Giltwood druid
Expansion: Magic 2014 Core Set (Common) Magic 2014 Core Set
Rarity: Common
All Sets: Magic 2011 (Common)Magic 2012 (Common)Magic 2013 (Common)Archenemy (Common)Magic 2014 Core Set (Common)
Card Number: 188
Artist: Pete Venters
For two mana, Plummet brings down just about anything in the air.

In particular, some prime choices for Plummet targets in the Standard scene are things like Desecration Demon and Nightveil Specter.

Scary threats in Magic often take to the skies, so Plummet makes sure they are sent crashing back down to earth.

Happy Haiku: Transformation

Happy Haiku!


Mahou no henshin
Henkou yo

English Translation
Magical transformation

– Nhan “Nhan-Fiction” Pham

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Card Me: Boon Satyr

Boon Satyr is a must-have for any green-oriented deck in Magic: The Gathering.

Card Name: Boon Satyr
Mana Cost: 1GreenGreen
Converted Mana Cost: 3
Types: Enchantment Creature — Satyr
Card Text: Flash
Bestow 3GreenGreen (If you cast this card for its bestow cost, it’s an Aura spell with enchant creature. It becomes a creature again if it’s not attached to a creature.)
Enchanted creature gets +4/+2.
P/T: 4 / 2
Expansion: Theros (Rare) Theros
Rarity: Rare
First and foremost, this satyr is a 4/2 body for three mana. With flash, no less. The flash allows you extra versatility in the form of doing things like throwing out an emergency blocker, or there are cases where you want to play this satyr at the end of your opponent’s turn after a board wipe.

Nonetheless, the main attraction of Boon Satyr is how it is easily the strongest bestow-based creature you can play at the moment. Bestow itself is a nifty mechanic, but many creatures have overpriced costs and are thus difficult to play practically. Continue reading

Anime Recommendation: Zero no Tsukaima

From Zero to Hero?
I just finished the first season of “Zero no Tsukaima” (The Familiar of Zero), and I really enjoyed it.

Synopsis: Louise is a magician at the Tristein Academy, dubbed with the nickname “Zero Louise” due to her inability to effectively use her magic properly, resulting in zero successes. An upcoming test at her academy requires her to summon a familiar, a servant and partner to support her as a magician. Despite desiring a familiar that would be superior to her constantly mocking classmates, Louise ends up summoning Hiraga Saito, your average Japanese boy. Even with Louise and Saito both unwilling to accept each other, they have no choice. Louise cannot attempt another summoning and Saito cannot return to Japan, and so their life together begins. Based on the novel by Noboru Yamaguchi.

I was actually looking for a romantic, shoujo anime to watch, and then I came across “Zero no Tsukaima” on a random list on a forum. It turns out this anime was basically a harem instead of a romantic shoujo, but I still liked it regardless. I found the characters really fun, and I am going to give this anime extra props for actually having an Asian male who hooks up with a non-Asian girl(s) (take that, society).

So yeah, this “shounen” anime is one I will consider watching further (it has three more seasons). I just found Louise and Saito so sweet together as a pair.