Daily NhanSense – Day 12

Daily NhanSense: Every day, I will blog about something that comes to mind. My goal is to practice writing about my hobbies, my interests, my opinions and so forth.

Day 12’s Topic: Music.

I was so afraid of the days long ago
Now I realize that I never did know
Now days have changed; they’re complex and sad
Missing all the days that I once had
I don’t really think that I’d want to return
Today may be hard, but I live and I learn
My heart believes; I don’t think that it’s wrong
Then it shouts that I have been just right all along

Now is the time for our fate to connect
Believing in the same future, we intersect
All of the tears we have cried yesterday
Let’s dry them up and keep smiling on today
We are a team; we share all painfulness
But yet we also share all the same tenderness
As long as you stay right here next to me
I will stay strong for tomorrow; you will see..
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Nhan-Fiction Note: Kill la Kill is a crazy, but very entertaining anime.

Song: Ambiguous

Artist: GARNiDELiA

By Judee Zee.
Once the threads of fate are severed
Our destinies will change forever

I tried to be someone that I’m not
In a world of fear and distraught
I can’t breathe, I had to leave

As I walked down my own runway 
I put on a mask of disdain
To hide this vile and wicked smile

Even if i fake my uncertainty 
You’re the only one who can see right through me
Once we both felt hatred and pride
but now we’re standing side by side 

No one else can take away what’s meant for the both of us
A fever so Ambiguous
is not even enough to stop these beating hearts

Once the threads of fate are severed
Our destinies will change forever 
So that we can see the dawn of a new day together

You and I will always be connected

Born to Be

“Born to be” by ナノ (nano.)

Translation of Lyrics (Click for Source)

They bring me down
All the world is stereotypical
Playing out rules , but act another
Look now , you thought you had me by the upper hand
But I see through the cynical face you’ve covered

Four : Unleash the beast that lies inside of you
Three: Take on the fire that burns in front of you
Two: Let out the fear you feel surrounding you
One: Become the soul that you were born to be

If you lost your strategy dream that you’ve lived up until now with
Break the handle, and continue on with your ra ra-raging dreams
If you’re challenged by this life without any thrill
If you’re going to embrace these reckless emotions
Then surely you have to brace yourself
And break away from yourself

If it’s a destiny that steals everything from you
What should you go on through life believing?
Ask yourself, the way there’s nothing to lose or die for
If you fear your past scars
Are you prepared to throw even your future away?
The choice is yours to make
This is what I choose to live for

Silky Heart

    “Silky Heart”
Artist:     Yui Horie
Anime:   Toradora! (とらドラ!)

Lyrics:   Jefferz
Vocals:  Spiral
Mixing:  Jefferz

Mp3:    https://app.box.com/s/zcwl8e6bsxnqnunbauye
Video:  http://www.putlocker.com/file/E991724030C958E1

My silky love
Oh every single hour of the day
My silky love
I’m always thinking ‘bout the things you say
My silky love
These feelings trapped within this heart of mine
My silky love
Will soon burst out of my chest and fly

If I could bring myself to just say that I love you
All of my worries would soon disappear
But each time I see you I push you for my doubting heart just interferes

Whenever in the past there were things holding me back
I’d go on and live out who I should be
But when it comes to us there’s this great wall that’s separating you and me

There are these feelings inside that I want you to know
They’re on the tip of my tongue, “How I do love you so”
With all the courage I have I will walk up to you
And with my heart I will tell you the truth

From the day that we met I’ve had this pure silky heart
But it’s quite delicate and it may all fall apart
How I’m always clumsy fumbling my words, maybe I’m in love

The heartaches of the past that almost faded away
The pain and hurting should our love go astray
Oh one day I’ll let my guard down and show you myself
And I’ll tell you all the hidden feelings in my heart I’ve felt

What a ☆ Part 30

Nhan-Fiction Note: “WataMote” is awesome!

Please subscribe to Imoristar’s YouTube channel. She is such a !

I can’t even just speak normally
I really don’t know why
Am I dumb?

I’m all alone on my way home from school
I cannot say goodbye to anyone
Sitting … waiting wont change anything
That’s it! This is the beginning!

Man, everything’s so much easier online
It’s been awhile since I’ve last spoken (cough)
Being in sun or rain won’t change anything
That’s it! It really isn’t my fault at all!

So what if I have no friends?
So what if I’m all alone?
You know, if I get serious, I will be popular!

Oh, mirror, mirror on that wall, will you shatter? Will you fall?
Not at all! You must stop! Nevermore!
Oh, mirror, mirror on the wall, you don’t have to say it at all!
Just pretend you can’t hear it

You never reflect what’s inside – my beautiful, inner self
All those doubts, in your head, that is all
You only show this unappealing side of me that I can see
Time to face the truth!

Tomorrow is just like yesterday
I really don’t know why
I’m so dumb!

What a ☆ Part 29

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In your dreams, there is a place where your hearts now lies
It is more fragile than your waking life you have held
You can abandon it, yet it’s always there
Now, please go
It’s time to sleep in peace

My pulsing rage, living inside me, defiles wishes that I harbor
Before my mind fades away, deep in my heart, I remember

In this beautiful and yet very cruel world, which we live in
We keep asking ourselves alone, “Why was I the one who survived?”
And truly what is it that we want to protect the most?
With our strength and weakness, we fight
Reason and logic held together fade away

P.S. “Attack on Titan” is awesome. GO WATCH THE ANIME RIGHT NOW!

Anime Recommendation: WataMote

English Translation of Lyrics
Another typical day begins
I catch everyone’s eyes only too easily
I have some good days because I’m small
I know I’m right
What I felt back then will change sometime, you say?
I hate it when you label me
I don’t even want to be like you

So just ignore us
And try to live on your own
That day when someone was kind to me

(I tell them to get lost)
Get out! Get out! I point at the door
An age without dreams has opened my eyes
Will I ever be popular?

The world won’t allow that
Even if you’re popular, you must struggle
There’s more work to be done
All resistance is futile
Cheer up! Cheer up!
Get popular! Get popular!
Let’s meet in a future where everything’s changed
No matter how I look at it, it’s your fault that I’m not popular

Shy, Awkward Girl x100
“Watashi ga Motenai no wa Dou Kangaete mo Omaera ga Warui!” (No Matter How I Look at It, It’s Your Fault I’m Not Popular!), or “WataMote” for short, is a wild card title to me for this anime season. Though it falls under the “high school” category of Japanese anime, its main protagonist is certainly someone special.

Synopsis: Tomoko Kuroki is about as socially dysfunctional as it is possible for a first year high school girl to be. We start the story when she realizes she has attended high school for three months without even talking to anyone at all. Not all is lost, however, since she is irrepressibly optimistic about her chances to turn it around and live a fulfilling high school life.

Basically, Tomoko is a REALLY shy girl and extremely socially strange. And this is coming from someone like me who knows a thing or two about being socially strange. If you have grown weary of high school anime plots with seemingly perfect characters, “WataMote” is quite the viewing experience for the novelty alone.

Tomoko, bless her heart, is a special gal because she lives in her own world. Social interactions are monumental feats in her eyes, and she interprets everything differently compared to how a “normal” person would for simple situations (e.g. saying, “See you later” to someone). Perhaps I can just relate to Tomoko to some degree, but I find this anime very fascinating.