Abide by the Vibe: Boost

“We all abide by the vibe we create for ourselves.”

When one is in trouble, one should seek help.

There is no shame in getting a boost from someone.

“We all abide by the vibe we create for ourselves.”


Pet Peeve: Not Liking Cute Things

Look at this puppy below.

If you do not find this cute, you probably have no soul. This puppy is so adorable.

Now look at this kitty headbutt its owner for attention.

So many cute things on the internet.

Just so precious. ❤

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Just Feline Fine Part 2

Napping together.

It certainly has been awhile since I have posted pictures of Tux and Kuro, the two kittens my “host family” got awhile back. The two cats have grown by quite a bit. They are very smart, albeit mischievous at times, but they are real sweet when they aren’t wreaking havoc around the household.

Below are some random pictures of the two just feline fine. >^..^<
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