Having Your Cake and Eating It Too


So I baked a cake for my host mom’s birthday. I made a white cake that had M&M’s mixed into the batter. I then used white, fluffy frosting and then topped off the cake with some crumbled Kit Kat bars for additional texture.

And of course, French vanilla ice cream was served along with the cake as well. After all, everything is better with a scoop of ice cream. 🙂

Honestly, when does cake not taste better with a scoop of ice cream?

Random Kanji Knowledge: Ryouri

Cooking has become one of my go-to hobbies I do when I need to let some stress out. It’s very relaxing for me to take out my frustrations by channeling it into a dish I am preparing. I don’t claim to be a cooking prodigy by any means. Truth be told, just last year I had to be taught how to cut properly with a knife and whatnot. I am basically a noobie home cook at best.

Still, I find cooking to be a very enjoyable activity these days. Whenever I get the chance, I want to bust out the pots and pans to whip up something for my own amusement.

Today’s random kanji is ryouri (料理), the Japanese word for cooking.
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Kitchen Courage Part 4

Do you want to curry someone’s favor? Well, a homemade batch of curry can do the trick!

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Kitchen Courage Part 3

Cooking in where I can find some solace, a sense of newfound purpose in life that makes me want to become a better person. I am starting to realize I am more than capable of being a good cook. The inherent fear that held me back for so long has since subsided in exchange for optimism and a sense of confidence toward pushing my culinary capabilities. Continue reading

Kitchen Courage

I have always respected the art of cooking. Everyone loves to eat, plus we all like to nom on things that taste nice. I love stuff from the Food Network. I mean … I love watching random things about cooking/restaurants. One could even call it an obsession of sorts.

So it is quite odd how I never really tried to practice cooking, despite all the years of gawking at the fancy dishes I come across on TV/YouTube. I have actually looked into recipes just for the sake of studying them. However, I would never lift up a spatula or bust out the measuring cups … until now.

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Restaurant Menu Mastery

So at my part-time job in a Chinese restaurant, I am being transitioned away from the dish pit to focus more toward the food prepping and kitchen stuff. In particular, the main addition to this change will be working the ‘cold station’ of the restaurant’s very compact kitchen. I will be learning how to read the incoming tickets and then setting up the dishes so the cooks can quickly whip up the food in a timely manner.

On Friday evening, I had a crash course on this station.

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