My Own Quote

As you can see, the tagline for this blog has been changed from …

… to a quote I made up recently to reflect my new perspective on life.

Every day, it is all about establishing the type of vibe that either hinders you or helps you feel happy. Why let the negativity bog you down when you can seek out positivity that lifts up your spirits? It is not always easy to achieve and maintain the ideal vibe, but this is all part of life’s various challenges.

What kind of vibe will you abide by today? The choice is yours!

Earning Stripes

A long time ago back in Japanese class during college, we had an assignment where we had to make up our own haiku and then present our 5-7-5 syllable Japanese poems to everyone else. We also had to explain the significance of our poems.

I recall this time period back in the day because my Japanese sensei wrote a haiku about her pregnancy, and me (having a brain fart at the worst possible times) totally forgot that ‘stomach’ in Japanese was お腹 (onaka). So yeah,  it was quite embarrassing when I had to be the one to put a dent in her special haiku announcement to the class that she was having a baby. >.>
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A Looming Idea – To Make Videos

I have thought about this for a long time – perhaps I should start making some YouTube videos. There have been many reasons as to why I have not done so already.
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Practice What You Preach

So in my various games of “League of Legends,” I recently suffered a long losing streak where I kept tasting defeat, one match after another. Due to my escalating frustrations, I gradually became like a gambler who did not know when to draw the line before things got out of hand. My player rating dropped to a low level, so now I have to spend a lot time and energy to get back to a respectable point on the ranked mode ladder. However, I do intend to aim high in the grand scheme of things.

The thing is, I am baffled as to why I let myself become bogged down by so much negativity.

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