MOBA Monday: Remaking a Darling Duelist


Check out a remake I wrote for fun for my favorite champion in League of Legends – Fiora, the Grand Duelist!

Sylphie, the Butterfly Faerie

I have posted Sylphie’s concept to LoL Wiki! Complete with lots of original artwork and a full voice set, I am very happy how this concept turned out. Without the help of so many amazing people, this all would not have been possible. In addition, there is still more to come.

Sylphie, the Butterfly Faerie, is a custom champ idea for “League of Legends.”

Please show your support by spreading the concept around for the rest of the LoL community to see. 🙂

Vikki, The Gemini Witch (Ver. 6.0)

Numbers can always be modified, so please judge on the concept. For the Wiki version, please click here.

Other Champion Concepts
Mai, The Miracle Maiden
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Goliath, The Guardian Golem
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Kiya, The Feline of Fervor
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Avrillya, The Vindictive Assailant
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Other Vikki Version(s)
Version 3.0
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Version 4.0
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Version 5.0
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Vikki, The Gemini Witch (Ver. 6.0)

Thank you, Rose, for the Vikki & Valerie drawing! Coloring done by Lethe. >^..^< Continue reading


So the e-painting above was done by Tania Mae. I am truly grateful for individuals like her who go out of their way to complete projects like this, and out of the kindness of their hearts as well. Honestly, who can say they have had an e-painting done for them before?

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