Nhan-Fiction Note: Vengeful Spirit has always been one of my all-time favorite heroes in Dota/Dota 2.

Power Girl

Such a Baller
Syndra, the Dark Sovereign, has gradually turned into my favorite mage in “League of Legends,” even beating out Mordekaiser, the Master of Metal.

I have been going through various champions to adjust my Fantastic 15 character pool, and Syndra has been my go-to gal for a while now. She is actually very fun to play once you get the hang of her unique play style and various nuances.

Though very unpopular as a champion choice, especially among mages, I believe Syndra has some genuinely cool aspects to her design that appeals to my “Johnny nature.” People are going to look down on you for picking Syndra, but you can have the last laugh when they are taking a ball bombardment to the face.
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Pham Fact: An Easy Way to Curry My Favor

I always bring up the hypothetical game show where the key to winning is knowing something about a given person. If people on a game show were asked to answer something about me, well, there would be a lot of random and obscure facts one would need to know. 😛

Let’s start with a simple one – “What is one of Nhan Pham’s favorite, female superheroes?”

A correct answer would be …

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