The 54th Deadline: Nurture

“When too caught up in life, one tends to neglect that which needs the most nurturing.”

I need to take better care of myself, and this is something I can’t continue to ignore that much longer. Part of the reason why my life is so scattered, so unorganized and just sloppy in so many facets… A lot of it stems from my neglectful and counterproductive habits.

There are simple things like me needing to clean up around my place. I make the note in my mind that it has to be done, but I put it off. Days pass, and then it’s a week and lo and behold… Heck, sometimes, something just gets put off for a month or more. It gets that sad, really.

I am supposed to be a grownup by now. Sometimes, to be frank, I don’t even think I have made it past young adult in terms of maturity. By all means, I have some responsibility to my name. I know how to make it to work on time due to an obsession with punctuality, but I wish I could apply this same kind of zeal toward everything else around me.

It feels like I really need a nagging voice in my life to keep me on my toes, to keep my honest and to keep me on top of what needs to be done. If I rely solely on myself, I tend to falter. Or so it seems.

I am just weary of myself being somewhat of a liar. OK, that would be going too far. Not a liar per se. If anything, it’s just someone who kind of flounders around too much instead of just knocking down one objective after the next. Continue reading


The 54th Deadline: Unfinished Products


The 54th Deadline: Something never becomes anything unless it has a beginning and end.

Lately, I have been realizing I have a peculiar problem I need to fix – I don’t finish what I start as much as I would like.

It’s all been too apparent for me.

For example, I had a smoke detector in my room that was beeping because the battery was dying. I went to the store and bought a new battery. It took me a week or so to replace the dead battery so I could have a functioning smoke detector again, even though I had it all right in front of me.

It’s such a random thing. Literally, getting the smoke detector all set up took less than 30 seconds when I finally just finished the task. It wasn’t hard or anything like that. I just put it off. Still, it was a week of procrastinating before I finally got it done. And thank goodness a fire did not break out in my place during that whole week.

The whole point is, this kind of procrastination is not uncommon or anything. It’s in the same vein when you’re a student and you have assignments you need to finish.

You keep putting things off, you keep telling yourself you will do this at this point, then you keep setting it aside and then it’s been a long time before you realize you should just have it all done already.

Procrastination is just a natural occurrence. It just creeps up at the worst times.

Now, more importantly, when you consider this procrastination for other projects I have had in the works for a long while, it’s just been apparent how counterproductive I have been with my time.

And I realize I have had a lot of life-altering situations that would of course affect how much time and effort I could invest toward a given project.

After all, survival comes first. But regardless, I don’t want to survive all of the time. I want to thrive. And in a big way.
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Everyday NhanSense – Day 76

Everyday NhanSense: Each day, I will blog about something that comes to mind. My goal is to practice writing about my hobbies, my interests, my opinions and so forth.

Day 76’s Topic: Creativity.
I strongly believe I am a creative individual. I have always been someone who likes to think outside the box in a variety of ways.

Ultimately, my ambition for the future is to become a content creator of sorts. I want to make stuff with my creative stamp to it, especially things I could be particularly proud of to show anyone.

I certainly have a passion and appreciation for those who like to think beyond linear means, so I want to make sure my own projects prove worthwhile.
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Everyday NhanSense – Day 66

Everyday NhanSense: Each day, I will blog about something that comes to mind. My goal is to practice writing about my hobbies, my interests, my opinions and so forth.

Day 66’s Topic: Brewing up something special.
I have always been a dreamer. As a child, for some strange reason, I have always had this peculiar habit when I wanted to “brainstorm” an idea, no matter what it was.

This habit entailed me doing something really strange now that I think about it. For a long time as a kid, I would find a bunch of rubber bands and dangle them around in my hands, “playing” with them as I came up with ideas.


I don’t know why it was rubber bands. I just had a weird fascination with them. I would stretch them out and twirl the elastic bands around my fingers as I thought up something in my head.

A cartoon character.

A video game idea.

A TV show I think would be cool to watch.

Just whatever.

That’s what I did a lot as a kid. I would daydream. I would make dorky, childish sounds as I tossed the rubber bands around in my hand. My family knew about this odd thing about me as well. My brothers teased me about it. My mom would scold me for leaving my rubber bands behind on the couch or in my bedroom.

I would always pluck a bunch of rubber bands from the kitchen and just do my brainstorming somewhere in the house.

What can I say?

I was certainly an odd child. I can admit it without being embarrassed. I was just strange.
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Things Fandubbers Do That I Love … (Part 1)

OK, so as of recent, I’ve heard a lot going around the grapevine in regards to ” things I hate when youtaites (utaites), fandubbers, cover artists … blah blah blah. And although I love these things as I chuckle to myself merrily in agreement I can’t help but feel a little cheated.

After all, there are things I really like that fandubbers do. So in the spirit of that, let’s take a quick look at
things fandubbers do that I love. ^^

If you’re feeling in need of a good laugh or just a tad be pessimistic, you should most surely read Devin’s recent blog post – “Things Fandubbers Do That Annoy Me …”

1. Well-written Lyrics
I love it when a song dubber takes the time and effort to make proper sense of lyrics. It fills me with the same giggly joy that can only be substituted for pounds of sweet sugary cake.

There’s something oh so appealing about languages, and translating from one language to the next, while making it flowing, rhythmic and sensical that makes my jaw drop every time and fills me with such awe.

Half the time I care more about the lyrics than the singing. Singing is one thing, anyone can sing and work on their voice with lessons, but being able to re-create lyrics in another language is an incredible feat, which I feel hasn’t been given near enough credit.

You can always tell when a person actually cares about the song they’ve worked on or not. This is because there’s a certain amount of EFFORT you will notice with the songs the fan dubber truly wants to sound good. It may not be professional quality, but you can certainly tell they’ve done their best and didnt fashion the song together with a roll of balled-up duct tape they found underneath their couch cushions.

No indeed not, it’s more like a gentle recreation of that song, and even if the song’s not of professional quality you can tell they took the time and effort to not just finish one up in a single day in-between study sessions. Continue reading