Pet Peeve: Saying a Cougar “Roars”

Cougars don’t roar. They scream, gosh darn it.

The cougar (also known as the mountain lion, catamount and various other names) is my No. 1 favorite cat in the world.

My beloved alma mater, Washington State University, has the cougar as its mascot (GO COUGS!).  If I could have a pet cougar, I would.

It is such a beautiful animal. It is the strongest cat in the world, pound for pound, plus cougars are very fascinating creatures.

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Random Kanji Knowledge: Sotsugyou

Random Kanji Knowledge time! This past weekend, I went down to a wonderful place called Pullman to attend my younger brother’s college graduation at Washington State University, which is my alma mater as well (if it is not obvious already, the cougar is my favorite animal in the world).

It is thus fitting that today’s kanji is 卒業 (sotsugyou — pronounced sow-tsu-gee-yoh), the Japanese word for graduation. 卒 can refer to stuff like “soldier” or “graduate,” whereas the 業 can refer to aspects like “vocation” or “arts.”
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It’s a Zoo Out There

The cougar is my absolute, favorite cat in the world. So, it figures that I would end up going to Cougar Mountain Zoo in Issaquah, Wash. 🙂

Brace yourself for lots of pictures. It was a very fun zoo to visit. I learned a lot of random things about animals.
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NEW: Blog Game Award!

I lately received an award from An Evil Nymph’s Blog and this one is a very unique type of award. It’s a sort of get-to-know-each-other game :) It’s been originally posted by Mrs Hobbles and it just looks so much fun!

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