Happy Haiku: Within the Soul

Happy Haiku: I try to dabble in writing haiku poems in Japanese.

Happy Haiku!

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Happy Haiku: Transformation

Happy Haiku!


Mahou no henshin
Henkou yo

English Translation
Magical transformation

– Nhan “Nhan-Fiction” Pham

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French Fencer

Nhan-Fiction Note: I wrote this in terms of opinions of how this character plays on Summoner’s Rift.

A Darling Duelist
Fiora, the Grand Duelist, has been an interesting champion for me in “League of Legends.”

There was a point where I ripped on Fiora for being a trashy champion, and then something clicked with Fiora to the point where she became one of my favorite characters in the entire game.

Go figure. It is funny how some things work out sometimes.

I consider Fiora to be my No. 1 top laner for my Fantastic 15. I have played a lot of Fiora games lately, and there is something about her as a character that appeals to me for some reason. Despite how some people would argue, Fiora is quite frankly not that good of a champion. Other champions do her job and role much better.

She does not bring much to the table aside from damage for your team’s composition. She runs into a lot of match-up problems for top lane (like, I mean a lot of standard top laners have a natural edge over her). She is extremely easy to counter-build against …

The list of flaws for Fiora stretches on and on, but I still find myself using this darling duelist for my top lane matches whenever I can.

Perhaps I just really adore the fake French accent?

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Fluttery Part 6

Special thanks to k1lleet for drawing an alternate pose for Hextech Sylphie.

Check out Sylphie, the Butterfly Faerie, a custom champ idea for “League of Legends.”

Her full concept is posted on LoL Wiki, complete with original artwork, a full voice set and other cool elements.

Purr-fect Part 17

Wow, just wow! Many thanks to ~LittleDarkDragon for drawing this comic of Kiya. This comic uses the older design of Kiya, but I still really like how creative the final piece turned out. Also, Warwick as a newscaster?! Whodathunkit?

Posted Image

Kiya, the Fervor of the Sands is an elaborate, custom champion for “League of Legends.”