Happy Haiku: Seahawks

Happy Haiku: I try to dabble in writing haiku poems in Japanese.

Nhan-Fiction Note: The Cincinnati Bengals will always be my favorite NFL team. But for this Super Bowl weekend, I gotta root for my state’s team. 😛

Happy Haiku!


Dai shiai
Shiatoru no tori
Ike hooku

English Translation
Big match
The bird of Seattle
Go Hawks!

– Nhan “Nhan-Fiction” Pham

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Pet Peeve: Fair Weather Fans

Football season is starting to pick up steam for both college and the National Football League in America.

American football is the main sport I like to keep up with during the year. I love the strategic elements of the game, and the two main teams I keep up with are the Washington State University Cougars (WSU is my alma mater) and the Cincinnati Bengals

And you know what? At times, I will admit it is tricky to say that I am a fan of both these teams, but I stick by them no matter what. Both teams have had their share of “down years” and outright horrible seasons, but regardless I will root for them through thick and thin.

Though to be fair, this year is looking like things are heading in very positive directions for both teams, respectively. My WSU Cougs at least look like they can hang with tougher opponents (heaven forbid I somehow jinx the Cougs’ game today against USC). The Bengals have been consistently picked in the off-season as Super Bowl contenders with a ton of upside.

I like to think of this as years of patience as a fan, biding my time as I twiddled my thumbs for the season where I can say, “Yeah, my team(s) will not suck this season!” Continue reading

A Restored Roar in Queen City

The Cincinnati Bengals this year exceeded all expectations and then some when they finished with a 9-7 record during the regular season, which gave berth to a playoff appearance. This is all quite substantial when one considers some significant elements and factors.

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Earning Stripes

A long time ago back in Japanese class during college, we had an assignment where we had to make up our own haiku and then present our 5-7-5 syllable Japanese poems to everyone else. We also had to explain the significance of our poems.

I recall this time period back in the day because my Japanese sensei wrote a haiku about her pregnancy, and me (having a brain fart at the worst possible times) totally forgot that ‘stomach’ in Japanese was お腹 (onaka). So yeah,  it was quite embarrassing when I had to be the one to put a dent in her special haiku announcement to the class that she was having a baby. >.>
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I’ve been a fan of the Cincinnati Bengals since my freshman year of college. The helmet and uniforms got me to start liking the team – they are just so cool in my book!

It’s been tough being a Cincy fan for this whole time, especially when you’re someone like me who lives in Washington. The Bengals have found great success, they have had horrible seasons and there are times when they play so badly they earn their other moniker – the Bungles. Nonetheless, I stuck by the Bengals through thick and thin.

But this season has been a great one so far. Off to a 5-2 start as a team that wasn’t supposed to win more than four games, this newer batch of Bengals has brought forth a newfound sense of excitement, a type of energy that is inspirational and thrilling to watch.