A Little Girl & Her Burning Bear

“Have you seen my bear Tibbers?”

Innocent sounding, but anyone who knows a thing or two about “League of Legends” will know this line instantly. It means PAIN for the receiving end. Burning, fluffy fur and bear claw slashes of PAIN. Simply put, Annie is a serious, competent threat despite her little girl demeanor.

I have long avoided playing Annie for a variety of reasons. Easily considered the most “basic” mage character in the game, Annie uses a straightforward kit that is not flashy when compared to LoL’s entire roster. However, straightforward is very good in this type of game.

When I finally overcame my stubbornness of being “unique,” I started to develop a liking for Annie’s style of play. She is certainly basic, but her strength lies in her raw efficiency for her role. Instead of trying 10x harder to work toward an ideal result, Annie just makes magic happen. So yeah, it is fun to beat people as a little girl.
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