That’s Our Miracle

Love Live! School Idol Project (Season 2 Opening) – “Sore wa Bokutachi no Kiseki (That’s Our Miracle)”

English Translation of Lyrics
With courage, we will make our dreams come true
With an indomitable spirit, let’s run toward the future

A strong, strong wish
Always guides us on our way

We’re not going to compromise on things we love
We’ll seize whatever time we have left
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This song really resonates with my current outlook on life at the moment. Not to mention, Kill la Kill is a really cool anime.
Vocals by Sapphire (…)
Lyrics by Merr (
Editing/Mixing by Y.Chang ( and Sapphire

Cut the cord
And face tomorrow
Smash the door down
Takin’ charge
All the way…

On the edge and goin’ under
While the plastic world around me
Surrounds me
And holds me down

Blasted off into the thunder
Won’t admit that they’d just ground me
If they found me
As I am now

You I couldn’t fool anymore, though
You were born rebel, a fighter like me
You were more than willin’ to break my guard
And set the fire free
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Nhan-Fiction Note: Kill la Kill is a crazy, but very entertaining anime.

Song: Ambiguous

Artist: GARNiDELiA

By Judee Zee.
Once the threads of fate are severed
Our destinies will change forever

I tried to be someone that I’m not
In a world of fear and distraught
I can’t breathe, I had to leave

As I walked down my own runway 
I put on a mask of disdain
To hide this vile and wicked smile

Even if i fake my uncertainty 
You’re the only one who can see right through me
Once we both felt hatred and pride
but now we’re standing side by side 

No one else can take away what’s meant for the both of us
A fever so Ambiguous
is not even enough to stop these beating hearts

Once the threads of fate are severed
Our destinies will change forever 
So that we can see the dawn of a new day together

You and I will always be connected

Random Kanji Knowledge: Koibito

Random Kanji Knowledge: Kanji is a complicated means of conveying language. With literally thousands of symbols that have different readings depending on context, the layers of complexity can prove overwhelming. However, beyond the squiggly lines lies sophistication to those patient and diligent enough to learn. Kanji is really cool in this regard.

Random Kanji Knowledge time!

Today’s kanji is 恋人, which is read as koibito (ko-ee-bee-toe).

恋 is the symbol for “love/romance.”

人 means “person.”

Put two and two together, and 恋人 turns into “lover/sweetheart.” 恋人 is often used in reference to one’s boyfriend/girlfriend/significant other.

The stroke order for 恋人 is shown below.
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Silky Heart

    “Silky Heart”
Artist:     Yui Horie
Anime:   Toradora! (とらドラ!)

Lyrics:   Jefferz
Vocals:  Spiral
Mixing:  Jefferz


My silky love
Oh every single hour of the day
My silky love
I’m always thinking ‘bout the things you say
My silky love
These feelings trapped within this heart of mine
My silky love
Will soon burst out of my chest and fly

If I could bring myself to just say that I love you
All of my worries would soon disappear
But each time I see you I push you for my doubting heart just interferes

Whenever in the past there were things holding me back
I’d go on and live out who I should be
But when it comes to us there’s this great wall that’s separating you and me

There are these feelings inside that I want you to know
They’re on the tip of my tongue, “How I do love you so”
With all the courage I have I will walk up to you
And with my heart I will tell you the truth

From the day that we met I’ve had this pure silky heart
But it’s quite delicate and it may all fall apart
How I’m always clumsy fumbling my words, maybe I’m in love

The heartaches of the past that almost faded away
The pain and hurting should our love go astray
Oh one day I’ll let my guard down and show you myself
And I’ll tell you all the hidden feelings in my heart I’ve felt