Am I doing this right—???! //Rambles idk e ue;

It’s been about a year since I posted anything here, ahahahahah–//SHOT

I’m still really uncertain about what I’m supposed to type here, but… e w e Nhan-san the man once said something like, “Just be yourself and type!” or something along those lines… Or maybe he didn’t… Uaaaah…

I’m not gonna try to catch you (whoever may be reading this, uah…) up on my life– ‘cos that would take way too long and I would probably get bored, haha.
I actually get bored really easily. My friends in Psychology told me that multi-tasking eats away at your short-term memory. Suddenly my entire life makes sense–//gulp

.w. Hopefully I’ll be able to think of better things to post here than pointless rambles, haha. Like voice acting!!!

I’ve recently gotten back into voice acting, aaaah! I’m open for scouting– I’ll leave you with my demo reel! 😀 I probably won’t get any work from here, lol, but I tried to make the demo short and entertaining so as to hold your attention span!
Welp. Hopefully I’ll remember to start posting here more often!!! e u e I’m surprised I wasn’t removed from the site, ahahah–//shot

Starlight Keeper– New Kingdom Hearts PV!!!

Just wanted to spread my new video around a little, hahah.

In other news… ; u ; The Vocappend auditions end tomorrow!!! I DON’T THINK I’LL MAKE IT IN TIME, AH OTL But my pop-filter should be coming in tomorrow morning, too, so… uhg. We’ll see what happens.

Well… back to working on my essay!


Fumbling, Bumbling, Stumbling

It’s been a while since I’ve posted here… x__x;;; Mostly because I couldn’t figure out how to log on… OTL Yeah– thank you, Nhan-san the man for helping me figure it out.

I feel like I’m always getting distracted. I want to get stuff done, but other things get in the way 😦 That’s why I can’t make decisions too well. That’s also probably got to do with my priorities being out of whack…

There are so many songs I want to sing, videos I want to animate, cosplays I want to sew… I feel like I’ve pushed real-life out of the picture. Well… Who needs real life, anyway? e_e

Glad to be back on the blog, here. 😀 Hopefully I’ll be more active from now on! Til then, I leave you with this video I animated for a secret santa~ (since I have nothing much else to share at the moment xux;)

Bacon Pancakes, Makin’ Bacon Pancakes~ <3

Last night, my friends and I made “Bacon Pancakes”, just like Jake did in Adventure Time!

Anyways, we did a little step-by-step methodology once we perfected our madness! ……I think I worded that wrong, pahahah. But that’s besides the point. Here’s what we did: Continue reading

This has never happened before… ; _ ;

I–I posted a video 18 hrs ago, and…

It’s already got almost 50 views!!! ; 0 ; I… I’m so happy.


I wasn’t feeling too great earlier. I accidentally overslept and missed my 9:oo Lecture, and was 30 minutes late for my 10:oo discussion. Then, to top it off, I napped too long and missed my 1:oo class, as well. Yeah. Score so far, Monday: 2 Me:0 … OTL

I guess that’s what I get for staying up so late. Man, I’ve really screwed up my mental clock…orz I’ll try to sleep at a normal time tonight. As in, ACTUALLY the night, and no the early morning. TT u TT Yeah…sleep sounds nice…

.x. So, I’m going to start translating my first vocaloid song into Spanish! Hopefully I’ll get it up in time to post it as a Halloween video! ❤

That’s about all I have to say… Hahah, which reminds me, the homework I finished last night– it was so intense that I could barely understand what I’d written when I reread it this morning. LOL NOT COOL OTL


Welcome? ヽ(○´∀`)ノ♪ ……ohgawdmyheartstrings ; – ;

I’m not sure what I’m doing here, but… ; u ; I SHALLST TYPE!

So, welcome? owo I’ve never done anything like this before– ahahah. What to type… I SHOULD be revising an essay, but… >,> I DUN WANNA, AH. //clings to Youtube-sama TT~TT

So, today, I finished mixing a new duet with Aiko-kun. When he asked me to a duet with him about a week ago, I asked if we could do Love-Lost Elegy (愛迷エレジー)  ./////. but he sounded freaked out by that idea for some reason… > , > ) Um, so anyway, he suggested a couple of softer songs; one of them was Campanella (カムパネルラ).

Campanella is based off an old Japanese book, published in 1934, called “Night on the Galactic Railroad”. I read a quick synopsis of it on Wikipedia and………a-ah…….//dies

;    _    ; I can’t even express. This song is just so beautiful. Buah. Continue reading