They say that the Yuki-onna is the spirit of someone who died in the storm.

With her inhumanly pale skin, the only way she stands out in the snowstorm is by her long, black hair. In some

Snow Woman
Beautiful and able to kill, she’s not one to hold back.

legends, she wears a white kimono, others nude. But don’t let her ephemeral beauty fool you: She may be a spirit, but she knows how to kill.

Some times, she’ll feel benevolent and let you go (if you’re young and beautiful, like that one man she ended up marrying). However, she’s usually portrayed as a merciless spirit who uses her icy breath to freeze the victims, or invade homes, or even manifests a child to trick parents looking for their lost children.

That’s all for now, peeps. xD I hope you liked my brief lesson about Yuki-onna!