They Haz Names

Both of the kittens are doing well. I have been calling them Tux and Kuro (Japanese for black), so I guess you can say they have been named. They are both very energetic as a pair, often roughhousing around a lot as they manage to find something random to pull, claw and bite at (they are adorable, little rascals).

Extremely curious by nature, these kittens love to see new things around the house. Also, I have to point out that cats just love typing stuff on a keyboard. It must be the lolcat in their veins. They enjoy hanging out by my laptop in particular.

Check out what Kuro just typed: “1`hyuj`1j`L<<<<.”

6 thoughts on “They Haz Names

  1. Devinly-Princess October 30, 2012 / 3:12 pm

    YAY You used one of my names, Thats like the 2nd animal ive had a good idea for a name for haha, the first one being my wiener dog Cloey a few years ago c:


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