Silent Hill Revelations!!! (Minor Spoilers)

Note: I’m still really excited and haven’t calmed down from watching the movie, so what I’m about to say will most likely be scatterbrained stuff, so bear with me here. I will give a cleaner, detailed review later when I’m calm. ^^

OK, so yesterday was my birthday. And for my birthday, I got the wonderful present of  the new “Silent Hill: Revelation 3D” movie. 😀

Now after watching the first one, I had my doubts about this one, especially since Vincent was gonna be Heather’s “love interest” – *shivers* – but wow, was I wrong.

They made sure everything made sense this time. Even if you haven’t played the games, you should be able to follow along with the storyline easily. Though I was iffy about how they replaced Valtiel’s role with Pyramid Head, it actually worked out quite well. PH has much more distinct features than Valtiel, so I see why they would do that. Plus, they still had a Valtiel statue in the movie, which was great.

Don’t get me started on the characters, oh my god. Heather’s actor was amazing. She fit the role so well.

As well as Claudia. Hnnng, I’m crying rainbows. Claudia was so perfect. As for Vincent and Douglas Cartland, they changed in appearance a lot, but hey – nothing wrong with that, considering Vincent had to be younger and Douglas has a less important role in the movie. The part of the merry-go-round gave me goosebumps.

The new ideas plus character and enemy designs were very fresh and creative. I only wish I could watch this movie again. It was so amazing. I definitely will be buying it on DVD. Not to mention that along with it being my birthday, it was also Heather’s birthday in the movie. So every time someone or something said, “Happy Birthday,” I fan-girled. It’s like they made it just for me and I felt so important.

Forgive me for being a Silent Hill nerd, but I love this series so much and I’m very passionate about it, so you can look forward to more Silent Hill-related rants from me. I have thousands. 😉


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