Bubbly Part 11

Cerule now has her full voice set. Special thanks to Imoristar/Mokey-chan for putting this together! It came out very bubbly!

Please support Cerule, the Mystic Mermaid on her LoL Wiki page!

The lines are below. Gotta love them water puns. 😄

“Greetings, summoners. My name is Cerule. A pleasure to meet you all.”

Upon Selection
– “I’m dripping with anticipation.” **Giggles.

– “Soaked!”
– “Drown!”
– “A ripple effect.”
– “Sink or swim!”
– “Cool blue!”
– “Drenched!”
– “Motion in the ocean!”
– “Drink up!”
– “Let’s dive right in.”
– “Turn the tide!”
– “Life’s a beach!”
– “Hook, line and sinker.”
– “Thirsty?” **Chuckles.
– “Hey! I’m not shallow!”
– “Streamline!”

– “Make waves.”
– “Deep.”
– “Swimmingly.”
– “Please be more Pacific.”
– “Fun in the sun.”
– “My enemies are in dire straits!”
– “Very fluid.”
– “Sounds fishy!”
– “Water under the bridge.”
– “Do you catch my drift?”
– “Shore up your defenses.”
– “Do you find me bubbly, summoner?” **Playful chuckle.
– “By land or sea!”
– “Are they gushing over me?”
– “Just keep swimming!”

While Casting Tidal Wave
– “Surf’s up!” **Laughs.
– “Go with the flow!”

While Casting Bubble Barrier
– “Bubbles!”
– “Bubble Barrier!”

While Casting Bubble Burst
– “Sorry to burst your bubble!”
– “Pop!”

While Casting Whirlpool
– “Wet and wild.”
– “Getting seasick?”

While Casting Cascade Crush
– “I have a crush on you!”
– “Splish splash!”

Critical Attack
– **Girly grunt.

When Slaying Annie
– “Bathtime, little girl!”

When Slaying Brand
– “Cool off! I just put your fire out!”

When Slaying Fizz
– “Tough squirt! Swim with the fishes!”

When Slaying Miss Fortune
– “Who’s the real queen of the sea?” **Chuckle.

When Slaying Nautilus
– “You’re in deep trouble!”

When Slaying Ryze
– “Don’t shock me!”

When Slaying Warwick
– “Next time, learn how to doggy paddle!”

When Slaying Zyra
– “Overwatered? Oops.”

– “You’re all washed up!”
– “Water, water, everywhere and not a drop to drink!”

– “Plenty of other fish in the sea, but I’m quite the catch!” **Cute giggle.
– “I guess you can say my sense of humor is a bit … WATERED DOWN!”

– **Girly laughing.

– “Oh no, I’m all washed up!”

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