The Devin has Arrived! Please, Please, No Pictures *Hair Flip*

Hello! I’m Devin 😀 If you don’t know me, then you should cause I love to meet new people. You can never have enough friends, right? >w<

So a little about me. I’m a simple fan-dubber on YouTube, popular only with friends and friends of friends who tell me I have a cute voice, teehee. I’m the Boss Lady and Miku of Vocappend, my happy little family of singing angels. I love them as a real family and I wouldn’t trade them for anything. I myself do take requests, but be prepared to wait a long time for them to get done because I’m lazy and don’t get a lot of recording time in all honesty.

We can’t all be awesome and get dubs done like my waifu Imori-chan.

Anyways, I sing in English since I cannot learn another language to save my life, but I can speak weeaboo – kawaii desu ne doki doki gakuin XD. I never claimed to be good at it, LOL.

If I haven’t scared you away yet and you managed to read this far, then awesome for you. 😀

You get a Devin star … which is on your left hand … and it’s invisible … no it’s there … really… hehehe.

Along with singing, I also enjoying writing lyrics to Vocaloid songs, drawing, playing video games, animating, talking to my lovely friends and cosplaying.

What do you sing?
– Mainly Vocaloid, but sometimes random anime intros or songs.

What do you draw?
– A lot of things, mainly anime-styled girls, chibis and ponies. >w<

What’s your favorite game?
– Silent Hill. All those games are so beautiful and each one has a special place in my heart.

You have friends?
– Hard to believe myself but yes, most of them are online but that doesn’t make them any different then my local friends. ^^  (‘Cept I cant hug them, sadness.)

Who do you cosplay?
– I cosplay Miku Hatsune because she is my online singing persona. 😀

So yeah, that’s a little bit about me. I’m just one of those crazy people who love to have fun, but I’m pretty down to earth … most the time.

I think I’ll close this by being all sappy now. Bwahahaha!

Remember to always keep doing what you love to do, even if you don’t feel like you’re good at it. None of us were born being as great as we seem to be, it takes time and practice, so don’t ever give up on your dreams. 😀


~Links to Awesome Things Mentioned Above~

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Vocappend –
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