Dat Dominion

This is a pretty cool cinematic for “League of Legends” … granted, it makes you wonder why it took so long to come out.

Below are 10 random thoughts that came to mind when I was watching this video – in no particular order of significance.
1. When it Swains, it pours.

2. Where was Irelia’s tenacity as Cassiopeia was killing her?

3. How come J4 players in the real game can’t do crazy antics with the flag javelin?

4. Lux’s laser breaking J4’s Cataclysm and Cassiopeia’s petrifaction = OP.

5. Teemo is one nimble dude. Like, for real.

6. Why isn’t Mordekaiser using his Siphon of Destruction on Ryze?

7. Once again, in another LoL cinematic, Ryze is Ryzeing to the occasion by doing a dramatic jump toward the enemy team. :O

8. Miss Fortune should have waited for Cassiopeia’s ultimate before firing Bullet Time.

9. J4 knocking Miss Fortune’s gun away from her is pretty neat. Disarming people would be a cool mechanic in LoL.

10. Malphite rocks. Don’t take him for granite.

One thought on “Dat Dominion

  1. Somewhat Mystia October 12, 2012 / 4:08 pm

    Even if this is (as a rioter on r/leagueoflegends says) an ‘unfinished prototype’, it still looks great. Swain v. Jarvan was the best way to end it.


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