Welcome? ヽ(○´∀`)ノ♪ ……ohgawdmyheartstrings ; – ;

I’m not sure what I’m doing here, but… ; u ; I SHALLST TYPE!

So, welcome? owo I’ve never done anything like this before– ahahah. What to type… I SHOULD be revising an essay, but… >,> I DUN WANNA, AH. //clings to Youtube-sama TT~TT

So, today, I finished mixing a new duet with Aiko-kun. When he asked me to a duet with him about a week ago, I asked if we could do Love-Lost Elegy (愛迷エレジー)  ./////. but he sounded freaked out by that idea for some reason… > , > ) Um, so anyway, he suggested a couple of softer songs; one of them was Campanella (カムパネルラ).

Campanella is based off an old Japanese book, published in 1934, called “Night on the Galactic Railroad”. I read a quick synopsis of it on Wikipedia and………a-ah…….//dies

;    _    ; I can’t even express. This song is just so beautiful. Buah.
In less depressing news…

Oh. Well, this is actually still very depressing.

I’ve made my final decision regarding this month’s VoCalendar entry! I know which song I am going to sing, anyway. It…COMPLETELY fits the “spine chiller” category. I accidentally stumbled upon it a bit ago… It’s seriously… screwed up… and sickening… Guah… But, even so, it’s a beautiful song. It makes me nervous, singing such a gruesome story; but I want to!

Okay, well, I need to get working on my essay! 😀 Thank you Nhan-san the man for offering this place to post things! >u>

WOOH!!! //fistpump

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