LoL Philosophy No. 1

I have many personal philosophies I follow when I play “League of Legends.” Some of my beliefs are more or less the same as conventional wisdom among the LoL community, whereas some ideas are just what I live by in any given match. After all, we all follow different principles when we play League. It’s a matter of individual style at the end of the day.

These LoL Philosophy concepts are things I would teach to a newer player who is just getting into LoL/Defense of the Ancients. I remember when I started Dota a long time ago and how much of a newb I felt because I didn’t really have many people to show me the ropes. It just takes some coaching to get people up to speed so they can improve. Every time I play LoL, I seem to learn something new all the time.
Anyone who plays LoL knows a thing or two about the big purple monster named Baron Nashor. At a certain point in the game, Baron can net your team a lot of gold, experience points and the all-so-important Exalted with Baron Nashor buff.

Attaining this precious Baron buff means your team can tip the scales in their favor. This handy-dandy buff can give your team the necessary edge to win the game. It is thus very crucial that you do not let this Baron buff fall into your enemy team’s hands, unless you want to pay the consequences.

This brings us to a LoL philosophy I always adhere to …

LoL Philosophy No. 1 – Avoid being in bot lane (if possible) when Baron Nashor is on the line.

This is a very simple concept … I just think players should avoid bot lane (again, if possible) when the game reaches that certain point when Baron Nashor is up for grabs. When either side is ready to kill the purple worm thingy, bot lane is the “trap lane” in this regard.

If you look at the map above, it is common sense. You are farthest away from reaching Baron Nashor’s pit if you are at bot lane. The appropriate response in many cases is to call for a Baron fight when someone on the other team is dilly-dallying with bot lane for whatever reason. This is because your team is aware that the opposing side will be down at least one person to contest the Baron buff, unless the faraway enemy player has something like the Teleport Summoner Spell up their sleeve.

I start sounding like a broken record in my various games when I have to tell my teammate(s) to be quick with their activity down at bot lane while Baron buff is still on the table. Likewise, I will be one of the first to call for a Baron rush if I see at least one visible enemy champion at the other end of the map as well.

I can’t stress enough how much of this philosophy is very cut-and-dry logic. The farther you have to travel to reach the Baron pit, the worse off you will be. Time is money, and taking even a few seconds too long to stop a Baron rush can result in your enemies walking around with the encircling purple stuff to rip your team to shreds.

Therefore, it is important to keep tabs of the Baron pit with adequate ward coverage. Bot lane activity is still necessary from time to time. Maybe you need to shove the lane back. Perhaps you need to farm a bit. Whatever you do at bot lane, if Baron Nashor is waiting there in the pit, just be fast about it!

Baron buff is the swing factor for this kind of game. Protect the Baron buff at all costs! Play smart! And thus your chances of victory will be that much greater.


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