Play Nice

Special thanks to Lelly. She always finds cool stuff. Click the pic to check out her LoL blog. 🙂

I rather be friendly than rude when I play “League of Legends.” It is in my nature to be a nice guy. However, we are talking about the internet here. Online, the anonymous aspect can draw out a person’s inner jerk because they can shield themselves behind the guise of a username. LoL, unfortunately, has a lot of punks in this regard. There are so many disrespectful and immature people, which makes it rare to come across a game where everyone is genuinely friendly toward one another.

Like, realistically, I think it is unreasonable to expect games brimming with sunshine and happy thoughts, where everyone has sportsmanship manners and whatnot. Instead, I just kind of wish more people would downplay the negative attitudes and cut back on the pouty and hostile behaviors.

On the plus side, Riot’s Honor system has really been encouraging better responses from the community, as explained in this announcement.

Honor So Far

As I mentioned before, we’ve historically reacted only to toxic behavior through systems like the Tribunal, and the Honor Initiative was our first attempt at positive reinforcement in League of Legends.

The Honor Initiative is a multi-phase experiment, and in the first phase, our goal is to see if we’re able to accurately identify the positive pillars of our community. Secondly, we hope to see if it’s possible to positively nudge “neutral” players by making it easier to be good instead of toxic. Already, we’ve seen some dramatic, global results in normal and ranked solo queue reports the past week:

  • Negative Attitude reports: -29% in normals and -11% in ranked
  • Offensive Language reports: -35% in normals and -20% in ranked
  • Verbal Abuse reports: -41% in normals -17% in ranked

It is great news that a system that incentivizes players to behave appropriately is making a significant impact. All it takes is that one misbehaving player to ruin a team’s collective mood for a LoL match. It doesn’t take much to start hacking away at team morale.

A snide remark here and there. A passive-aggressive jab at someone’s in-game action. Being mean for the sake of it … To get the negativity ball rolling is very easy to do. Sadly.

I just think that some people just need constant “reminders” that positive reinforcement works wonders compared to the negative stuff. I am not saying everyone should be Mr./Mrs. Friendly every single LoL game, but it is very easy to create the ideal kind of gaming environment for yourself and your teammates.

Just remember the Golden Rule: treat others as you would like to be treated yourself.

Be nice. Play nice. It’s this simple. No need to complicate it.


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