Bubbly Part 6

Many thanks to Imoristar for putting together an original song for Cerule, the Mystic Mermaid. Mokey-chan is such a . Please be sure to subscribe to her YouTube channel and support her videos.

If you haven’t already done so, please check out Cerule’s Wiki page for “League of Legends.”

Song lyrics below. 🙂

Stars light up the sky
The earth spinning
Lighting up now fly
Wings soar in the distance
Diving down below
The cold water greets me
Running through soft hands
Vision is so blurry
Softly making waves
Pacing back and forth
A melody sang
Lingers in the distance
A world that’s far away from me
I place that I know not of you see

But now greeting
A warm feeling
A mystery
Yet inviting
Leaves me wondering
Will I finally see
Who I am
The true me …

The true me calls out to you

Against the vast blue sea
Something to greet me
Could it possibly
Keep me from being lonely

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