Glamorous Gamer Girls

Cerule, The Mystic Mermaid, is a bubbly character. She is youthful, kind, and fun. Since her face is very natural, I decided to keep this tutorial simple. Drawing markings on the lash line directly below the irises creates an illusion of very wide eyes. I used three blue eye shadows  to reflect her connection to the sea. 14 individual eyelashes are glued to the inner 2/3 of the eyes. The outer third are abstract paper lashes designed by Paperself. These fantasy-like eyelashes were made popular by Effie Trinket in the Hunger Games movie. A pair costs $9 at Sephora. The contouring is exaggerated from the eyebrows to the nasal bridge to prevent the nose from getting lost behind the long, wispy bangs. Aside from that area, I tried to keep the look soft.

Thanks to Nhan Pham for creating Cerule! You can listen to her voice, check out conceptual art…

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