Pre-game Communication

See the red oval? That’s where you need to communicate!

League of Legends” has many things that baffle me when it comes to the player base. In fact, before a match even begins, I wonder why people have such a hard time communicating in the champ select screen. It can become so painful and counterproductive in a matter of seconds. A pre-game opportunity to communicate may often devolve into something that makes you facepalm.

Below are five random things that really concern me about pre-game communication during the champ select sequence. In no particular order of significance.

1. Communicating with the people who will be your allies for the next 20+ minutes is ideal. Let’s talk.
Look. There is a reason why there is a timer for this select screen sequence. It gives you and your teammates ample time to communicate about team compositions and plan out strategies. Not speaking is just downright foolish. I hate it when my allies are not talking. Call out x role or something. Whatever it may be, saying something is better than saying nothing. No one here is psychic. Why make this process harder than it really needs to be? COMMUNICATE!

2. Communicate in a civil manner.
There is always a nicer way of saying something. You do not have to be a prick with your words. If you want to play the AD carry role, then politely call for it. Heck, a “please” goes a long way. Also, sometimes you may not get what you originally wanted. If you can suck it up, compromise and continue with the game anyway … it is a lot better than starting a flame war. I don’t know … is it too much of a difficult concept to grasp? People tend to act more favorably to you when you are friendly … Oh really?

3. No one likes a d-bag.
If you act like a punk during the champ select screen, how else do you expect your allies to react? Act like a jerk, so expect a negative response. Attitude is everything. I get super nervous and wary when I get that one player who clearly has a giant canteen of gas on hand for a flame war he/she is about to start. Seriously, it is not fun to deal with, and you are just going to end up making a lot of players upset. Again, going back to the second point, being nice is more ideal than being mean/rude.

4. No speaka English?
This is a personal pet peeve of mine when I play games online. If I come across someone who doesn’t know English for whatever reason for the NORTH AMERICAN server no less, I really want shake my head and question humanity. I consider English to be a very important language for the world to know. I expect you to know enough English to respond, at least, to what people are saying in the champ select chat.

You wouldn’t go to a foreign country without knowing its native language to get around, so why do it online? Not being able to understand stuff in the champ select screen is probably going to be a liability for the actual in-game communication that actually can determine a win or loss.

5. Let’s start off on the right foot.
It all begins in champ select. Let’s start things off on the right foot. In a perfect world, all of my champ select sequences would be filled with positive players who want to work together as one. They are polite and are willing to negotiate with their fellow allies to make sure we pick a good team composition. People will offer roles or even trade champs. Yes, in a perfect world.

Unfortunately, LoL exists in a reality where some people have short fuses or are just overly selfish in general. Like real … I don’t expect people to act all overly friendly or anything, but I least want some sense of civility. After all, you will be teaming up with strangers for a considerable amount of time, which means you don’t want to make enemies before the match even begins. Bad idea.

So yeah, the champ select screen is very important. It’s best to take full advantage of it to increase your odds of success.

5 thoughts on “Pre-game Communication

  1. hinnerman September 26, 2012 / 12:31 pm

    I usually leave a comment like “I’ll take what role is left”, wait about 30s to do something else, then do exactly that. Very good for my nerves. Others can have their will, I will have my fun – regardless of role or position 🙂


    • ryzeonline September 28, 2012 / 12:08 pm

      Love this attitude, and I do similar much of the time 🙂


  2. ryzeonline September 28, 2012 / 12:08 pm

    Here’s what blows me away:

    Riot has the power to change this with a single line of copy.

    On the pre-game chat screen:

    “SUMMONERS – WIN MORE by calling lanes and sharing your strengths & weaknesses in pre-game chat!”

    It wont make everyone, but this has huge impact, AND it lets players ‘pressure’ other players to talk by saying “Didn’t you read Riots Instructions?!? n00b!!!”



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