Fight as Five

If you ever play a game of “League of Legends” with me, a prominent thing I end up saying a lot during a match is, “Fight as five.” It means exactly as it sounds – it is time for the team to group up and fight with all five members.

It sounds easy enough. In a game where 5v5 is the standard, one would think that people would be quick to catch on that a strike force using all five players would be the way to go. But you would be surprised how often I find straddlers on my team who are off doing random things when regrouping with the team would be ideal and intelligent. Whether this is farming bot lane or choosing to go get a jungle monster buff, there comes a point where doing such an action can prove costly.

Especially when critical scenarios are about to take place (e.g. Baron Nashor is up for grabs), I just simply expect my teammates to get with the program. Do you ever wonder why sometimes your teammates get picked off in stupid spots on the map? Well, chances are a lot of it has to do with them roaming around without the aid of their allies nearby.

Let’s think about this, honestly.

LoL is a game where you, plus four other allies, must gel together with the goal of obtaining victory as a team. Because the max amount of people you can have on a team is five, wouldn’t it make sense then to take advantage of such a fact and use all your members when the opportunity calls for it? I don’t know … it seems like common sense to me, but some players I come across apparently cannot fathom this basic concept.

The more people you have in your party = the better off you will be at tackling a given situation. From ganking an enemy champion to duking it out in a team fight, the more people on hand should make a task much, much easier to carry out. And yet, shockingly, there are games where I am baffled as to why some of my allies refuse to group up with the team.

Sure, there are strategies like split pushing and whatnot, but there is a time and place for such tactical maneuvers. At the end of the day, I think fighting as five is an optimal plan of attack in most cases. After all, a group of all five champions working in unison is the strongest battle formation you can possibly make in LoL.

When it is time to roam around like a pack, I just hate seeing my ranged carry on the other side of the map or my team’s mage poking around in the enemy jungle. These just set up easy ambushes for the opposing side to pull off, which puts your team at a serious disadvantage.

So when it is grouping time, “Five as five!” It is safer, smarter and outright more strategic to do than trying to play like a solo player in a team game. Teamwork in a team game is very powerful. I am surprised some players have not figured this out yet.


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