Riot Games has announced that Soraka is getting a major overhaul in the visual/audio department. Soraka is my favorite support in “League of Legends,” so naturally I am very happy to see my beloved goat/unicorn girl get some love.

Though Soraka’s popularity has somewhat dwindled over the past few months, I really like to play Soraka whenever I can. Passive supports are my real strength when it comes to the role, though aggressive supports are definitely in fashion at the moment. Nonetheless, I consider Soraka to be the epitome of what a support champion is in LoL. If you can’t play Soraka right … you’re doing it wrong.

Perhaps this visual remake will get some people to play Soraka again. I am stoked for the new animations, in-game model and even a new voice-over.

I will never forget the “old” Soraka when the visual remake comes into effect. BANANAS!

3 thoughts on “Bananas!

  1. reithena September 21, 2012 / 12:44 pm

    Is it sad that I squee over the fact that she has actual clothes on now?


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