Ping Me

League of Legends” offers a variety of means to communicate with your teammates during an in-game situation. Such a method is pinging. With pings, you can instantly alert your allies of something important.

I just find it odd how some people don’t really use pings as much as they should. They convey a lot of messages in an instant.

The alt + left-click ping can tell your allies what to target.

The control + right click ping is supposed to alert your allies to back up/escape.

I just think some players don’t pay attention to these very distinct pings. For instance, if I am doing the control + right click ping over and over again in a dicey situation, I expect my allies to notice my warnings and run. Instead, I get a lot of cases where my allies are clearly ignoring my pings or possibly getting the two pings mixed up somehow. I don’t know how. They have different effects on the minimap and even make very different sounds.

Whenever I play LoL, I am pinging constantly. Pings can signal when I am going to gank from the jungle or which target to attack in a given team fight. In this kind of game, communication is very vital. When you only have a mere moment to react, using pings to your advantage can inform your team what needs to be done in a pinch.

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