Outrageous Aegis

As someone who mains the support role in “League of Legends,” Aegis of the Legion is my absolute favorite, support item in the game to build for my team. To newer players, Aegis may not seem that important, but believe me … THIS ITEM ROCKS!

I make it a point to rush an Aegis after I have my gold-per-10 items and other essentials like wards are on hand. I just find the bonuses of Aegis too good to pass up. It is cost effective to build because the individual pieces to assemble an Aegis are relatively cheap. This leaves plenty of room for other items you need (cough, wards, cough). Furthermore, I am someone who thinks getting Aegis is better earlier than later, though this can go both ways.

But yeah, Aegis = ❤ for me.

The aura may not seem very powerful on the surface, but keep it mind that each of your fellow ally champions along with yourself get benefited for being in the presence of an Aegis holder. In this sense, the Aegis truly makes your overall teammates that much more powerful. For instance, the 15 magic resistance is pretty good by itself, but Aegis basically is giving a +75 magic resistance bonus collectively (aura-wise) if all five members of a team are huddled around the Aegis’ aura. A very nice aura, indeed.

Riot Games has always emphasized that they believe auras should give subtle bonuses to your teammates so you can appreciate them more. And believe me – I definitely appreciate an Aegis on my team. In fact, it is one of the items that at least one person on your team should build during any given LoL match. It is this valuable and crucial to have.

Aegis of the Legion is awesome. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Outrageous Aegis

  1. Trevor Gulley September 25, 2012 / 2:09 pm

    Second best defensive item in the game behind Frozen Heart


  2. Mohammad March 14, 2014 / 4:42 am

    I avoid Hobby Search because of their shniippg fees, I bought the first Shuraki from them for $45 and the EMS shniippg was $30. I was pretty shocked, I never imagined it would be that high.@ Kanon I saw an Alter Revy for Buy It Now at $100 right before her price went hell high. I’m still regretful I didn’t take that bite. @ Sunny When bloggers post their experiences with certain sellers/services I’ve always found it so helpful that I like to return the favor when I can.@ Snark By the way like your blog but for some reason can’t make comments on it at work. Will have to remember to re-visit it when I get home. @ Jem You are correct again ma’am I don’t know how I missed that link on the fees, I’ve edited my post. If the eBay shoe was on the other foot and I were selling a highly desirable figure I sure wouldn’t mind if the bidding went high, but I still can’t help but pout a bit when I’m the buyer. I’ve yet to have buyers remorse on my big ticket items, items only become big ticket items for me if I KNOW they’re worth it to me. I paid $90 for my Megahouse Clare and even when she got a re-release I had no regrets, I love her that much. I was actually considering buying a second one at the re-release. Oh so no sniping? Just staying up to the wee hours of the morning then I admire those that can wake themselves up for an auction (or stay up that late).


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