I believe an important concept to grasp in “League of Legends” is acknowledging when you screw up in a given situation. Heck, we all would like to think that we can make no faults as players, but in reality each mistake CREATES situations, allowing scenarios to happen in the first place. Otherwise, LoL would be a pretty dull game if nothing exciting happened, don’t you think?

Think about it. Just recall the last kill you bagged in a game. Chances are the kill was possible because your opponent(s) made a misstep. Whether it was your foe overextending or perhaps they executed their attack in a sloppy way, the point is you could capitalize on their error because they did something wrong. In other words, you can think of LoL as a game driven by a player’s respective blunders in this regard.

Mistakes technically occur a lot throughout any match of LoL. Some are less dire (e.g. taking unnecessary harassment damage from your lane opponent) while others are obviously more severe (e.g. missing your Smite on Baron, allowing the other team to steal the precious buff right from your hands). LoL thus boils down to a contest of which side makes less snafus to eek out a win in the long run.

I stress this a lot in my LoL posts … I am not a perfect player. And I don’t claim to be. I could probably become a great one if I try hard enough. Like most players at a given game, and this is not referring just to LoL, I am prone to my share of mental slip-ups. After all, I am human like everyone else who boots up the game client and then prepares to join a queue to play a match.

Nonetheless, I am the first to take accountability when I botch an in-game situation. I am just a victim of my own poor execution at times. It could be whiffing a skill-shot in a pinch or maybe I just make a bad call when a different decision was necessary. A lot of LoL is making a snap judgment without a moment’s notice, and then hoping it was the right move among a dozen other actions you could carry out.

Mistakes happen. We all make plenty of them in LoL. Probably more so than we can count. The best players just make much fewer mistakes than the average player, and this is what distinguishes them from the pack. However, it is important that we all try to learn from what we do wrong and then strive to better ourselves. One day at a time.

“Every mistake is a lesson.”
Wukong, the Monkey King

2 thoughts on “Mistaken

  1. Makeup Disguises September 15, 2012 / 11:54 am

    It would be great if more LoL players could share your philosophy.


    • Nhan-Fiction September 15, 2012 / 12:03 pm

      Yeah. Unfortunately, LoL at times is the League of Scapegoats. People spend more time blaming others than pointing the finger at themselves and saying, “My bad.”


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