Champion Spotlight Impressions: Syndra

Just some random things that came to mind as I watched this video:

Syndra looks very cool. She has a stylish appearance that isn’t overly sexualized for the gaming genre. It has sexy qualities that do not go overboard for all the wrong reasons. Kudos, Riot.

– Syndra’s moves look very flashy and I really enjoy the animations. If there is one thing Riot is particularly good at, it’s animating things so they are very fluid and colorful.

– Syndra’s kit seems complicated (for LoL) on the surface, but I do not really think she is going to be that challenging to play. With every new character in the game, I always look for the most straightforward playstyle possible to break down characters piece by piece, and Syndra is no different. My impression of Syndra: use Q first and then follow up with the rest of your moves. When you don’t overthink champions, they really can become this simple to utilize.

– Syndra seems really strong in the Champion Spotlight, though this is the purpose of the these videos. They are supposed to make the new character look good.

– This Champion Spotlight had some decent/believable scenarios. Sometimes, and this happens a lot actually, these videos have HORRIBLE situations that do not prove anything worthwhile about the new champion. There can be many displays of “bad gameplay” that any decent player will find bogus to showcase in a video like this (I am looking at you Trundle spotlight where the enemy Trundle somehow blocks himself with his own rock).

– It is surprising to come across an official Champion Spotlight where both Xerath and Evelynn are in the same game, let alone the same team. These two champs are definitely in the bottom of the barrel in terms of popularity. Was this on purpose, Riot? Or was this accidental?

Phreak wasn’t jungling. I am not sure if this is a legit video now.

– Finally, Syndra’s extra skin is very cool looking, don’t you think?

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