I Surrender

League of Legends” fortunately provides its players the means to surrender during any given game. The formula for surrendering requires at least 70 percent of the currently available players of a side to say “Yes” when the surrendering process begins after a certain amount of time has passed. For Summoner’s Rift, I believe there should be a slight tweak to the formula for five players. It may seem rather moot, but I think the system should accept 60 percent (3/5) instead of 70 percent when it is trying to factor in five people’s votes.

Requiring one less person to say “Yes” seems rather trivial, but let’s think about this for a moment. How many times have you been through this common situation?
Scenario: Your team’s collective morale has shattered. You feel like your team has no chance of winning the match, so you want to surrender. Two other players on your team agree with you and hit “Yes” too. However, in comes the awkward moment where you have the remaining two people either say “No” or they omit their vote, which counts as “No” as well. You beg and plead with your remaining teammates to say “Yes” because you think the game is over. It’s time to throw in the towel. But nope. The surrendering process concludes, and then you are back to playing. Frustrating to say the least.
This happens way too much. It’s annoying, aggravating and overall extremely unpleasant when this voting situation occurs. If 3/5 people have already said “Yes” to a surrender, it should count! Why does it have to be at least 70 percent? When it comes to percentages, even a fraction of a percentage makes all the difference in determining the majority. LoL should really address this.

I have had too many games where I want to concede and move on, but all it takes is two people who think otherwise. I know sometimes game scenarios are not cut and dry, there are situations that could be very subjective and hard to gauge and thus the possibility of winning is always possible. However, I am referring more to the games where it’s clear that your team will no doubt lose unless you pull a miracle out of nowhere. When your team is down a significant amount of kills, when your base is in ruins, when the enemy team has secured their third Baron kill … and so forth.

I believe it is necessary to raise your white flag when you know it is over. There is pride in not giving up at the face of adversity, and then there is not knowing when to stop. If your team is getting served something fierce, do yourself a favor and try to carry out the surrendering process. If you try to play a game where the odds are completely hopeless (again, if your team is getting schooled left and right), you will just end up hurting yourself in more ways than one.

When my team is getting the stuffing kicked out of them, I think of it as torture when someone does not want to say “Yes” to surrendering, prolonging the game that should end right then and there. That’s right – torture. It honestly should be a borderline offense that you could report. It is like some of your teammates are gluttons for punishment and just want to see your whole team suffer. It gets really nasty when the opposing team starts to toy with you before they start bragging about how badly they are beating us in “all chat.” It becomes a big waste of time that is painful, and any ounce of fun you could possibly enjoy is thrown out the window.

So yeah, if the surrender system could be altered to 60 percent (3/5 at least) to end a game on Summoner’s Rift, I would be a very happy camper. I don’t like to surrender in LoL unless I know the game is clearly out of reach. I believe in stellar comebacks, but I am not an idiot when it comes to knowing that the other team has us beat. When you choose to FF, you can save face by admitting defeat to the enemy team, say your standard “GG” and then move on with either more LoL or something else. At the end of the day, it is just one match of LoL. I just find it silly that someone not surrendering can cause so much harm.

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