Practice Makes Perfect

League of Legends” is essentially a mental exercise each time you boot up the client. And like any exercise, doing something enough should eventually yield noticeable results, assuming of course you are diligent and are not cutting corners.

Those who want to improve their skills must treat LoL like any vigorous activity – you must practice continuously until you can fix your shortcomings. To improve at the game is a matter of perseverance and patience.

In LoL, my greatest weakness as a player is my last hitting. I tend to farm a bit below par compared to people who have me beat at 20+ minions after a given amount of time. It is why my two main roles in the game are support and jungle, whereas last hitting the minions in the lane is removed from the equation. Supports get gold-generation items, where junglers have their own monsters to farm in the woods. This way, I avoid having to deal with minion last hits and can just focus on other aspects I am better at, such as map awareness.

Nonetheless, I believe a well-rounded player in LoL must be competent at all roles in the game, which of course entails getting in some last hit practice. Last hitting in particular is a vital skill for all three lanes on Summoner’s Rift. It is a necessary ability one should be able to execute.

For my last hit practice sessions awhile back, I used my favorite champ in the game … Nidalee. >^..^<

The nature of the last hit practice was very straightforward with clear-cut rules.

The Practice Session

– I would use Nidalee.

– I would use Nidalee on the top lane of Summoner’s Rift (either blue or purple side).

– I would only stay in top lane and would not warp back to base for whatever reason.

– I would have no lane opponent (human or bot).

– I would attempt to last hit as many of the minions I could in top lane.

– I may use any of my champion’s abilities to last hit the minions as I see fit.

– I would do so for 10 minutes and not a second more.

– The max amount of minions I may get is 107 total at the 10-minute mark.

– I may or may not choose to destroy the top lane’s tower, though doing so is not necessary.

So you may be asking … what is the point of this practice if I have no lane opponent to apply pressure to me as I am last hitting? What does this accomplish? Well, it is very simple, actually. Because you see, last hitting itself is a very simple action. You auto-attack a minion that has low HP, and score the last hit when you successfully kill it to earn gold in the process. The main test here, therefore, is how many times I can nab last hits in a lane that has nothing stopping me from doing so, which is free farming as the genre likes to dub it.

If I cannot acquire a good amount of free farm with no one stopping me, what chance do I have during the course of a normal game where I have to be mindful of my lane opponent AND be wary of other things like enemy jungler ganks and whatnot?

Below is a chart of some last hit numbers I earned based on the rules of the practice session.

Now, all things considered, I did pretty decently back when I was actually trying to practice last hitting before I got lazy. The “pro mark” is about 85-95 percent or so as the bare minimum of last hitting during a standard match of LoL, factoring in standard laning practices and scenarios. It is definitely harder than one would think. I carried out these practice sessions at no more than two per day. It is a better approach to do shorter, more intense practices versus trying to do a million reps all at once. Quality versus quantity.

I think I should probably pick up more last hitting practice. It can be such a grind and a dull process, but it is how people improve over time. Practice makes perfect.


5 thoughts on “Practice Makes Perfect

  1. cyberfemmefatale September 9, 2012 / 11:02 am

    You are much more dedicated than I am. To practice last-hitting I’ll play a a custom game against bots and I have to get 100 minion kills in 10 minutes or under. It’s more of a pass/fail system than a graded one. Yours definitely measures progress better, and it’s cool that you can track your improvement


    • Nhan-Fiction September 9, 2012 / 3:02 pm

      Well, I was dedicated at one point. Then I got really lazy to do it. 😄

      Practice isn’t very fun, but it is all about getting in the reps toward improving.


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