Item Housecleaning

It is my hope as a player and huge fan of “League of Legends” that the next gaming season of LoL will come with some item housecleaning. There are many items in LoL, but unfortunately there are so many “crappy” choices that certain things from the item shop could be removed/readjusted in some shape or form.

And as always, I am of course referring to items one would consider on Summoner’s Rift, as it is the main map for LoL.

I believe three items that come to mind are the “tenacity items,” at least the ones not named “Mercury’s Treads.” Tenacity is a stat that reduces crowd control effects, such as slows and stuns. These items in question are …

 Cloak and Dagger

 Eleisa’s Miracle

 Moonflair Spellblade

Each of these items just suck, to put it bluntly. On one hand, one would think that, “Oh, cool. There are more items that grant tenacity that I could get!” And then you also have the choice of getting a specific one based on your role. Oh man, I can get Cloak and Dagger if I am a ranged carry! Yes!

However, there is a reason why these items are never used. Like at all. No competitive strategy would ever mention these items. I do not even see casual players buying these items. Heck, I don’t even think a lot of players realize these items even exist. Quite sad, really. It doesn’t take rocket science to figure out why these items are just impractical, so to speak.
Let’s examine why these items are bad one by one, starting with …

 Cloak and Dagger
+20% attack speed
+20% critical strike chance
+35 tenacity
for … 1,450 gold

The attack speed boost is pretty weak, the crit chance is OK and the main attraction of the tenacity is … all right. At 1,450 gold, one would think that a lot of people would consider running this item on ranged carries. The fact is, this item has no place for the role it is designed for because the standard item build for ranged carries is pretty much set in stone.

The three big items most ranged carries need to focus on building are:

 Infinity Edge

 Phantom Dancer

 Last Whisper

… And plus, these items should be built in this particular order, give or take a few exceptions. Anyone who deviates from these three big items are usually playing their ranged carry wrong. Like, there is no real reason to stray from this item build for ranged carries. It is mathematically the strongest way to build your ranged carry for maximum efficiency. Wedging in a Cloak and Dagger at the start or in between these big items will just slow your build down. Getting Cloak and Dagger at the end of the build is out of the question as well.

The bonuses you get from Cloak and Dagger are pathetic. Stick with the standard AD items for pure power.

Next up is …

 Eleisa’s Miracle
+25 health regeneration
+20 mana regeneration
+35 Tenacity
… for 1,300 gold

Terrible, terrible item. You build this from a Philosopher’s Stone, which is one of the most common gold-per-10 items seen throughout the standard LoL match. This upgraded form is … lackluster. You get much higher regen rates with some tenacity tacked on. It is a pretty bad boost all things considered, especially when Shurelya’s Reverie is a superior purchase that grants you enhanced regen stats, bonus health, cooldown reduction AND the handy, dandy speed boost that is arguably the best active effect of any item in all of LoL.

It makes one wonder … why get Eleisa’s Miracle when Shurelya’s Reverie is infinitely more useful and worthwhile to buy? It isn’t even a contest.

Finally, we have …

 Moonflair Spellblade
+50 ability power
+35 tenacity
for … 1,200 gold

Really? A whopping 50 ability power. Man, oh man. Can I get some change for all that extra power? Dat 50 ability power … is pretty meh. But I get tenacity as well? Nice. Oh wait.

Yeah, like the other tenacity items, this one does not fare much better. The 50 ability power is the only bonus outside of the tenacity, but nothing else. No cooldown reduction, no spell pen … nothing. Similar to the respective issue with Cloak and Dagger for ranged carries, Moonflair Spellblade is a bad pickup for its intended mage role. Mages are better off rushing big AP items like Rabadon’s Deathcap.

Trust me. Your mage champs will be much happier being able to nuke their given targets outright versus banking on tenacity from this item to save them.
Speaking of tenacity, please don’t get me wrong when it comes to this stat. It is a worthwhile stat for sure. Reducing the crowd control duration of slows, stuns and whatnot is very useful. But why do these aforementioned tenacity items fail then if this stat is so helpful? Well, I attribute it to a lot of things.

First off, League of Legends is a very straightforward game when it comes to stats. Higher stats equate to more strength. It is as simple as that. The tenacity items give weak stats with some tenacity on the side, and this is not worth the precious item slot. A ton of superior items are available for purchase at the shop, and tenacity items are just “traps” for anyone foolish enough to buy them.

The stats these tenacity items give do no scale well into late game. Though the tenacity is the same for all the items, again, I would rather get the awesome Mercury’s Treads if I want my crowd control-reduction fix. Every champ needs boots, and Mercury’s Treads = a convenient upgrade that does not eat up an extra item slot.

I believe these tenacity items could be removed from the game, and nobody aside from the dozen or so people who actually get these items would notice. They are that unpopular. They are a waste of pixels for the game. No one takes these items seriously. No one would bother to incorporate these items into their core strategies. In fact, I reported the last person I came across who bought Moonflair Spellblade because I assumed he was trolling.

These items delay competent builds because of how pathetic they are. They need to scale into late game better, or perhaps gain extra effects and bonuses. They need something … very desperately! Otherwise, they will forever remain in the trash tier.

Riot Games should remove these three tenacity items from the game, or address them in some fashion to make them at least somewhat viable. I believe in addition by subtraction when it comes to things like this. Less is more, so to speak. There could be 1,000 items in the game to choose from, but it is all rather moot when only a handful ever see play. Trim the fat. Save the space for items that can entice players to buy them during their match of LoL and actually use them.

The tenacity items have sucked since day one and probably always will unless they get some love. This has been a very sad, but true fact about their existence.

3 thoughts on “Item Housecleaning

  1. cyberfemmefatale September 9, 2012 / 11:16 am

    How do you feel about Tiamat?


    • Nhan-Fiction September 11, 2012 / 2:24 am

      Needs a small radius buff for the cleave effect to be more than a gimmick. I am fine with the stats that the item provides, but the actual effect that makes it different from other items (at least in LoL) is way too ineffectual, thus making it impractical beyond trolling purposes.


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