Kitchen Courage Part 4

Do you want to curry someone’s favor? Well, a homemade batch of curry can do the trick!

Curry has been a go-to dish I have been practicing in the past few weeks. Once you break it down, a basic curry isn’t that hard to put together. Furthermore, because the dish itself is so versatile, all kinds of flavors can be created to your liking! You just need to use your imagination.

To begin, prepare some fresh rice. It’s hard to eat curry without rice, don’t you think? 😛

Fresh rice in the making!

Like for any dish, a clean workspace is absolutely vital.

Clean working area = a safe, sanitary area to prepare food.

Protein choice: chicken. The protein could be substituted with whatever you fancy.

Cut evenly. Lightly marinade with soy sauce, fresh ginger, cayenne pepper and black pepper.


Now for the veggies. I use sweet potatoes.

Sweet potatoes.

Peel the skin off.

Peeled sweet potatoes.

Cut the sweet potatoes evenly.

Dem sweet potatoes. 🙂

Red bell peppers. De-seed and throw away the stems.

Red is my favorite color.

Cut up.


Onions of your choice. I had sweet and red onions on hand. Peel the skin off.

Onions have layers.

Cut them into bite-sized pieces. This way, you can actually taste the individual onion bits in the curry without it disintegrating as you mix them in. I also prepared some green onion “flowers” as well.

No tears.


Mean green lime.

What beats fresh? Nothing.

Fresh lime juice.

Olive oil into a hot pan. When it’s hot enough, fresh garlic in.

Sizzling goodness.

Chicken in. Stir around the chicken bits until they start to turn white on the outside. Remember that the curry will finish the chicken off.

Winner winner chicken dinner.

Onions in. Saute the chicken and onions together.

Dat aroma!

Now it is time for some curry. Coconut milk in. I use two whole cans. I don’t like using water because I think it dilutes the flavor too much.

Coconut milk!

Time for the paste. For this dish, I felt like using spoonfuls of both green and yellow curry paste because I could.

Curry paste you can find in any grocery store or market.

Mix it together. You will see the coconut milk changing color.

Apparently, green and yellow curry paste happens to make this color at first.

Stir, stir and stir! And then add the veggies!

Looks messy at first.

But it’s fine. Just gotta keep stirring.

Keep mixin’!

I now put in an entire can of coconut cream.

Coconut cream goodness!

You will now start to see the color and consistency change even further.

Look at dat color.

Time for the seasoning.

I like to use many things, which includes and is not limited to:

– Fish sauce.
– Soy sauce.
– Hot sauce.
– Lime juice.
– Cinnamon.
– Nutmeg.
– Salt.
– Pepper.
– Paprika.
– Chicken stock.

Basically, I just use a lot of random things that I happen to have on hand. Of course, taste, taste and taste! Season accordingly until you strike a balance of flavors that you like. It all depends on your palate. I like a sweet, kind of savory curry taste with a hint of heat for a kick.

Handy tasting spoon.

When you are fine with the flavor, cover the pan with a lid and let it simmer for a bit on low heat.

Simmerin’ goodness.

I took a peek under the lid to catch a whiff of the bubbling curry.


I use this downtime to clean up the kitchen and whatnot.

Zoey was drawn to the kitchen by the curry aroma.

The curry will soon be ready to serve.

Ready to go.

Oh man. Pretty tasty looking, eh?

Up close and personal. Look at all the seasoning swirling around in that curry. 🙂

Curry the favor! One bowl at a time!

Zoey was very eager to try some curry. :O

Serve the curry with some white rice. A nice, cold glass of Thai ice tea to complement the dish is also a plus. Yum. All about the kitchen courage. >^..^<

Time to sell some curry!
Can I curry your favor with this?

5 thoughts on “Kitchen Courage Part 4

  1. Jessica August 22, 2012 / 6:08 pm

    This looks so good, I’ve never used coconut cream before. And you can get Thai iced tea in a can?! I clearly don’t know the secret Asian password to unlock that level of awesome. 🙂


    • Nhan-Fiction August 22, 2012 / 6:11 pm

      I always find myself grabbing some Thai iced tea whenever I am at the Asian market. 😄


  2. MysteryCoach August 23, 2012 / 4:45 am

    You do such a wonderful job when you post about what you’re cooking 🙂 and NOW I’m HUNGRY! 🙂 This looks great Nhan!


  3. Cup O Swank Studio August 28, 2012 / 2:42 pm

    Oh, I LOVE curry, that looks AWESOME!! I’m not going to get any art done if you don’t stop tempting me to go cook! You make great tutorials! You obviously use an artistic eye when you arrange the foods for photos, great color and arrangement!


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