Though it pales in comparison to PUMA POWER, PIG POWER certainly packs a punch in its own ways. Sejuani, The Winter’s Wrath is a formidable tank on the battlefield. This bikini-clad Viking lady swings around a flail as her boar named Bristle gores you with a violent stampede. Not only that, Sejuani is cold to the touch with ice magic that leaves enemies frozen solid. All in all, I can easily say that Sejuani is one of the strongest jungler champs in my arsenal.

I will, however, admit that I was not particularly fond of Sejuani at first. As the first champion released for 2012 by Riot Games, I was initially unimpressed by Sejuani’s skill kit and concept, underwhelmed at best. I thought her abilities were mechanically stale and dull. I eventually gave Sejuani a try at one point and gradually took a liking to her. Though her skills are not particularly fancy by any means, Sejuani does tie into my mantra of, “Don’t overthink it. Keep it simple.”

With Sejuani, I just charge in without really planning ahead and then do work. A beefy tank and a slow machine all wrapped up in one whole package, Sejuani can soak up a lot of pain while also hindering enemies to a crawl. She is an ideal front-line fighter because of her powerful initiation. Though she does not do as much damage compared to other tanks/junglers, Sejuani makes up for this fact with sustained damage over time that punishes enemies who continue ignoring the giant, scary pig in their faces.

So when it comes time for me to bust out Sejuani, I like to pig out on victories because “I’M ON A BOAR!’ PIG POWER, YO!

kill Breakdown

Sejuani at her core has a very simple design. You charge in and then smash any target in your way as you’re slowing them with your ice moves.

This turns your auto-attacks into a Frost debuff. It is an OK passive by itself, but nothing extraordinary.

An awesome move. This acts as your initiation, gap-closer and escape option all at the same time. Plus, it can send Sejuani over terrain. Very useful.

Your go-to move for most of the game. This does a ton of damage over time because it is very easy to achieve the bonus damage.

It makes your Frost into Permafrost, greatly amplifying the slow effect.

An excellent ultimate. With its generous range and AoE upon impact, this ability is a cinch to execute in any given situation. Freeze ’em!

The Skill Build

– Northern Winds is always maxed first. It does the most damage out of all the regular skills and is especially important in the jungle. It just requires you to have Sejuani near foes, which is easily achieved.
– I grab one point into Arctic Assault so I have the charge option for the beginning.
– I like to max Permafrost second. I like the stronger slow effect and higher damage output.
– It is debatable whether maxing Arctic Assault or Permafrost second is better. With more points into Arctic Assault early, the cooldown is greatly reduced for more charges. Conversely, Permafrost turns your regular slow into a crippling disable. Personal preference at the end of the day.
– Always grab your ultimate whenever possible. It is probably one of the best ultimates in the game for what it does.

Runes & Masteries

For Runes, I run a tank-centered setup that has a bit of offense.

I use a jungle-centered/tank-focused strategy for Sejuani’s Masteries.

Summoner Spells

– I use Exhaust because I like having the slow and damage reduction on hand. What’s wrong with a slow on top of other slows? 😛
Smite is always needed as a jungler. Too important not to have.

Starting Items

Regrowth Pendant for health regen.
– A potion on hand for an early boost, if needed.

Core Items

– Gold generation is key with Sejuani, whose jungle is on the slower side.
Mercury’s Treads are my favorite boots in the game. Dat tenacity. Too good.

Dream Build Example

– I like to build Sejuani as a “support tank.” Basically, any sort of support or tank fare works well with the Viking lady and her pig.

Sejuani is a strong champ when it comes to being your team’s jungle tank. She is currently on the underused side, to the point of being obscure. Not a lot of people expect Sejuani in their games. It is partially because she is deemed as a “bad” champ and is thus underestimated. She may not be high tier by any means, but I consider Sejuani to be a competent character in a lot of ways.

Sejuani packs a lot of slowing power to help your team in ganks, team fights and other situations. She has a mammoth amount of natural health, so building tank items on her just adds to her sturdiness against all kinds of damage sources. Finally, she offers your team a lot of versatility in a variety of situations.

However, there are a few flaws about Sejuani that have to be taken into account. For one thing, her early game is on the iffy side. She has a slow jungle start, thus making her very vulnerable to hostile invasions from the enemy team. She makes up for this fact with a strong gank from the jungle. Secondly, Sejuani’s lower damage output, even for a tank, makes her a less attractive option than other junglers who can dish out a ton of punishment to the opposing team.

Regardless, it is fun to make people whine about the swine. They will get “boared” when Sejuani is on a rampage because she is such a cool customer … all about how you ice ’em. PIG POWER!


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