Vikki (Wiki)

Check out the Wiki I made for Vikki, The Gemini Witch (Ver. 6.0)!


Though it pales in comparison to PUMA POWER, PIG POWER certainly packs a punch in its own ways. Sejuani, The Winter’s Wrath is a formidable tank on the battlefield. This bikini-clad Viking lady swings around a flail as her boar named Bristle gores you with a violent stampede. Not only that, Sejuani is cold to the touch with ice magic that leaves enemies frozen solid. All in all, I can easily say that Sejuani is one of the strongest jungler champs in my arsenal. Continue reading

Lelly is awesome! 🙂


Summoners like Nhan-Fiction take everything you love about a game like LoL and amplify the magic. Nhan is the creative mind behind the support star ‘Kiya’, a distant cousin of Nasus.  (And several other character concepts).

Kiya is a Mage, Support, Ranged, Recommended. And a kitty.

Kiya (Blog Version).

Find more Kiya on LoL Wikia (link here)!

Take a look at the links provided to find everything from what Kiya will whisper to you as her Summoner in gameplay, dance mirror, to character statistics.

Kiya is by far the most developed, detailed and fantastical character concept designed by any non-Riot employee I’ve ever discovered. I’m honored that Nhan takes the time to both follow my blog and play with me in game.

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