Heavy Metal

League of Legends” encourages players to find their “mains” after experimenting with the game’s vast character roster. Besides trying to improve my Nidalee, a champion I have always liked playing is Mordekaiser, the Master of Metal.

Combining the strengths of a brute and mage, Mordekaiser can tank a lot of punishment while also dishing out the pain train simultaneously. He becomes a juggernaut of sorts once properly built, which is why I now use Mordekaiser as my go-to guy for the mid lane. Though I still have some kinks to IRON OUT (bad pun, I know), I hope to make my Mordekaiser a lot more consistent in my matches.

Like Nidalee, I had to relearn what I thought I knew about Mordekaiser by starting fresh. I had to scrutinize my strategies carefully, adjusting accordingly until I found elements I liked and disliked. Ultimately, I wanted to string together a Mordekaiser strategy that was practical, yet favorable for my style of play.
The Skill Breakdown
Mordekaiser has a slick skill-set to use, making him a very fun champ to play.

Ah, a very neat innate passive. Mordekaiser relies heavily on this passive to keep himself alive. It pads the steel knight with extra shield for defensive purposes. A great innate.

This ability packs a wallop. It lets Mordekaiser bash his targets with a powerful mace swing that deals a ton of damage. Enemies better hope I don’t get catch them alone or they are really in for it!

Combined with Mordekaiser’s passive, this ability really does improve Mordekaiser’s survival rate by a lot, actually. The AoE magic damage is a nice bonus as well. It can also be used on allies, so sharing is caring, right?

Super simple, but oh so effective. Mordekaiser blasts targets in a cone with magic damage. It deals good damage output and adds to Mordekaiser’s shield.

My favorite move of Mordekaiser’s kit. I love turning my foes into a ghost so I can use them against my opponents. Very gratifying. The move is such a game-changer when you can nab a ghost to fight alongside your teammates. A very cool signature move, indeed.

The Skill Build

– It is pretty standard to max Siphon of Destruction first.
– Secondly, maxing Creeping Death next for the extra defensive stats is essential for Mordekaiser.
– Mace of Spaces is kind of just there, but it is still good nonetheless.
– How can Mordekaiser be Mordekaiser without his ghost?

Runes & Masteries

For Runes
, I use a mage-heavy setup. Don’t mess with my lone, very random crit chance Mark. It wins games. I am serious.

I like to emphasize offense with my Masteries, with a touch of defense as well.

Starting Items

I need speed and I need some potions for health. Enough said.

Core Items

With Mordekaiser, dealing more damage leads to more shield gained for his innate passive. Furthermore, spell vamp is very useful for Mordekaiser to add to his tank-like qualities.

Ideal Build Example

If a game is going really well, a heavy emphasis on ability power is a standard approach for Mordekaiser.

Aura Build Example

People tend to question my Aura-kaiser strategy, but it does work when I want to dink around during a game. 🙂

I have had a lot of recent success with Mordekaiser, to the point where I am confident enough to play him for the mage role in ranked matches. A big plus for Mordekaiser is how he tends to farm very well, which is my biggest weakness in LoL (though I have practiced to make this less of an issue).

I particularly like how Mordekaiser gets beefy while also racking up a lot of damage output against the enemy team. Furthermore, most importantly, I HAVE FUN with him. I especially love being able to make a ghost for my allies to take advantage of, so I try to make sure I ult a good target in a team fight. If the enemy team is foolish enough to ignore me, they are in for a world of hurt. This is a given.

However, Mordekaiser does have some notable weaknesses that you just have to put up with, as with any other character in LoL. For instance, his early game is pretty bad. Your emphasis is just trying to survive in your lane and power-farming all day, hoping to stockpile enough gold to buy godly items. In addition, a lack of abilities with crowd control makes Mordekaiser less appealing than other mages who tend to pack a natural disable.

Otherwise, Mordekaiser is a blast to play and is a powerful asset for any team. It is time to put the pedal to the metal with Mordekaiser and strive for the next level.


3 thoughts on “Heavy Metal

  1. Somewhat Mystia July 3, 2012 / 10:07 am

    If you like Morde, I recommend Rumble.

    He lacks the obscene amount of burst that Morde has, but he’s tanky as all hell and can put out a nice bit of damage.


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