So I was playing a “League of Legends” match with some friends, and then the topic of champions and their innate passives sprung up all of a sudden. I think it had something to do with Anivia’s Rebirth innate, particularly how annoying it was when it is your team that has to deal with it. We had a quick, in-game discussion about who had the best and worst passives in the game, and I have to say it got me thinking for quite some time.

Because LoL has an ever-expanding roster, there are so many innate passives that players have to remember in the grand scheme of the game. Each champion utilizes their passive in some shape or form. Granted, the degree of how useful a given innate can be very debatable among the LoL community. The fact is, some champions are blessed with super awesome passives like Amumu’s Cursed Touch or Irelia’s Ionian Fervor, but then you get some passives that are kind of just “meh” like Sejuani’s Frost or Evelynn’s Determined Killer (edit: all right, Eve’s passive is pretty bad).

I was planning on compiling a mini-list of the innate passives I thought were awesome and the ones that straight up sucked, but then I realized that most of the passives in the game usually were decent enough that it would be tricky to pick just a few for a category, especially in regards to passives that were “bad.”

However, two particular passives definitely stand out to me as the “best” and “worst” passives in the game.
My pick for the best passive in the game: Poppy’s Valiant Fighter.

is an underutilized champion, but this does not mean she is bad by any means. She is a very niche character, offering a genuinely different playing style that I have always found to be cool and neat. She packs a wallop, plus she can wade through the fray and take quite a beating, and her Valiant Fighter passive certainly makes Poppy’s job a whole lot easier. This passive is just nuts. It cuts the damage Poppy would receive in half if any damage source (that is not from a structure) exceeds 10 percent of her current health. JUST INSANE.

Many champions in the game tend to have dinky passives that are just subtle bonuses, but Poppy’s innate is extremely noticeable. A big key about LoL is bursting down a champion as quickly as possible in a fight, but Poppy’s passive just takes a lot of the damage this little powerhouse would receive and then throws half of it away like it is a big joke. This allows this juggernaut with pigtails to keep gunning for you with less fear, especially when her Diplomatic Immunity ultimate has someone selected.

Honestly, I will exclaim with utmost seriousness that any other champion who had Poppy’s passive would instantly become overpowered, like for real. This passive is just so good. Nothing tops this passive in terms of practicality and overall effectiveness. In LoL, survival is crucial for victory. :O

My pick for the worst passive in the game: LeBlanc’s Mirror Image.

Oh, LeBlanc, I love your Zatanna skin, I may not necessarily think you are overpowered or anything, but for Buddha sake … YOUR PASSIVE IS GARBAGE. There is no question that LeBlanc has a passive that is pathetically bad. Godawful. Atrocious. Insert any other negative adjective here.

Honestly, I cannot really fathom how anyone could even defend this passive. It procs when your health gets low, creating a clone that starts off standing there and does not even budge right away. The clone normally does no damage, and all it is meant to do is follow you around while “deceiving” your foes. Yeah, good luck with that. I can assure you that 99 percent of the time this clone is completely useless. Most opponents, regardless if they are pro or not, can see through this silly facade and will just ignore the clone.


The clone pops up while standing still like a statue, which usually happens when you are moving around (like you’re supposed to be doing anyway). The enemy team sees that the real LeBlanc is still in motion and will just run past the clone before the clone even takes a step. This happens all the time with this passive. It does not work like it was intended.

I get the idea behind it. LeBlanc is the Deceiver. She is supposed to confuse her opponents in battle. But this passive is overall impractical and laughable in a real, in-game situation. I emphasize the 99 percent uselessness, with the 1 percent being reserved for those fluke situations where the clone actually does something worthwhile (like it popping up while Caitlyn is ulting you to eat up the Ace in the Hole as you are escaping a fight). Otherwise, this passive is dying for something more.

Perhaps the clone could actually be more like its namesake and cast non-damaging spells to mirror the real LeBlanc … I don’t know. Mirror Image is just a flop of a passive on so many levels. I can bet you that any other champ who had this passive would become significantly worse. T_T

6 thoughts on “Passive

  1. jsimpson123 June 5, 2012 / 10:55 am

    I agree with Poppy’s passive being the best passive. For worst passive, I would have to go with Ashe. Outside of that first auto attack in lane, it feels useless to me. Runner up would be Taric’s passive in this meta.


    • Nhan-Fiction June 5, 2012 / 11:04 am

      The free crit is quite significant actually. Sure, Ashe’s passive is counterproductive in the laning phase in the sense that you should be last-hitting, but I think it is still OK later on because you are guaranteed the crit in a team fight. Making sure you nail someone with the 100 percent crit at the start of a battle is quite good in my book, albeit the passive is more of a bonus than as a vital aspect of her kit. I won’t say Ashe’s passive is amazing by any means, but it is definitely not that bad.

      Taric’s passive at least gives him the option of getting his mana back. I picked LB’s passive because the clone does not do anything productive in most situations.


  2. Rafał June 5, 2012 / 3:34 pm

    LB passive being the worst?
    One word: Sion.


  3. Rafał June 5, 2012 / 3:37 pm

    and eve’s passive dont work with jungle creeps (i mean, rly?cmon)
    LB can juke something combined with built in flash or even get a skillshot at clone. Sion(EVE’s) are just bad and outdated


    • Nhan-Fiction June 5, 2012 / 11:55 pm

      Honestly, the clone is basically useless. In most situations, the clone just shows up and does nothing significant other than to make the poof sound as it wanders around aimlessly, trying to “fool” your foes.

      Sure, Sion’s passive is unreliable and hardly noticeable, but I still would put it above LB’s passive. At least the random damage block does something, though on a very minuscule scale.

      Eve’s passive is definitely trashy, even more so a long time ago when Riot nerfed the damage minions deal to champions. However, I still think her passive is technically more useful than LB’s clone, but by a very low amount. At least, sadly, I know that Eve is going to take less damage from minions.


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